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spiritual fact

"Every natural fact is a symbol of some spiritual fact".

Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1803-1882
American lecturer, poet and essayist


The more ancient and knowing peoples regarded the origin and meaning of the constellations as divine in source and sacred in significance.  Hence, we have chosen a celestial theme to explore the divine connection.

The Revelation of God is written in the heavens.  Therefore,  we seek to point people to faith and knowledge of 'sacred-space' using cyber-space.

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    The Great Pyramid-the Boundary Stone of the Promised Land  Part I. This blog post relates to the alignment of Regulus-Jupiter-Mercury on August 6th 2015. It has been proposed by others that this celestial alignment will approximate the angle of the Great Pyramid complex in Egypt on Aug 6, 2015. As only one of numerous key celestial occurrences in […]
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    2015 Jupiter-Venus Triple Conjunction and Regulus with the Birth and Second Coming of Christ As we approach the climax of the Blood Moon Tetrad of 2014-2015 this September, we have noted a number of heavenly signs in the context of this current Blood Moon Tetrad reflecting the celestial glory of heavenly signs surrounding the Birth of […]
  • The 2015 Triple Conjunction of Ju
    The 2015 Triple Conjunction of Jupiter-Venus and the Birth of Christ and his Kingdom  The heavens are alive this Summer and Fall with exciting news of the Messiah’s Coming Reign and the vanquishing of evil from the face of the Earth. At the end of June we will see the first of three Jupiter-Venus Conjunctions […]
  • The Blood Moon Tetrad and the Rev
    The Blood Moon Tetrad and the Rev. 12 Heavenly Signs [Part II.] In the 2nd installment on this topic, we will pick up our previous discussion on the record of the heavenly signs in Revelation 12. The Ascension of Christ after his Resurrection marked the mandate from heaven that the King of  Kings was recognized and installed by […]