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spiritual fact

"Every natural fact is a symbol of some spiritual fact".

Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1803-1882
American lecturer, poet and essayist


The more ancient and knowing peoples regarded the origin and meaning of the constellations as divine in source and sacred in significance.  Hence, we have chosen a celestial theme to explore the divine connection.

The Revelation of God is written in the heavens.  Therefore,  we seek to point people to faith and knowledge of 'sacred-space' using cyber-space.

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    Biblical Astronomy of the January-February 2016 Planetary Alignment Could the rare alignment of  the five brightest planets in our Solar System; Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars seen on the horizon over the next month, be related to the Biblical heavenly signs surrounding, the Star of Bethlehem? These five planets will be visible to stargazers in […]
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    Biblical Astronomy of the Venus-Saturn Conjunctions of 2016 Back in November 0f 2015, I posted an article summarizing the heavenly signs framing the Blood Moon Tetrad of 2015 between two conjunctions of Venus and Mars. The first of these planetary conjunctions was February 21-22, followed by the second on Nov. 3rd, 2015. These two Venus -Mars conjunctions […]
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    The Celestial Prelude and the Biblical Astronomy of the Birth of Christ Our previous blog post on the Coma Supernova marking the Birth of Christ as the General Sign of The Celestial Prelude was visible for a period of about 275 years, as it has been documented in history. The Second part of these heavenly […]
  • New Evidence of the Coma Supernov
    New Evidence of the Coma Supernova Framing the Birth of Christ This blog post provides an example of Modern Astronomy and Astrophysics informing and supporting certain aspects of Ancient Astronomy, specifically surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ. With the utilization of modern analysis of images of the Coma Cluster from the Hubble Space Telescope, and the […]