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50 Keys to Christian Communication

God’s Word is the foundational expression of His Omnipotence and Omniscience

  Communication is central to everything we do as human beings!! God placed so much emphasis on it that He based Creation on its principles. And God Said… Let there be light and there was light. His Word is the foundational expression of His Omnipotence. He has called us to be a manifestation of the truth of His Word. Thus, we are to reflect His Light because we are Children of His Light, as Living Epistles we are walking extensions of His Will because the Word of God is the Will of God. This is a big calling, a large responsibility to live up to!! With this in mind, we present some of the Keys to Christian Communication and Living. As communicators we can chose to either speak with motives of righteousness, which will reflect God’s Light, or we can speak words of darkness [notice how many of the seven deadly sins pertain to communication: Prov. 6:16-19]. The following principles will generally fall into these two basic categories, with numerous sub-categories that will follow. One of these categories is to Speak Healing Words [see #47 below]. This is by no means a complete work, but it is designed to provide a foundation from which we can build these important keys into our lives. When you see certain Scriptures that apply to some of these categories below, or new categories, I strongly encourage you to add them to your own list, and I’d be blessed to hear back from you on keys that you apply, or new additions that you see in your own life.
  The 50 Keys presented here include pertinent Scriptures relating to each Key, with specific verses quoted, and Strong's numbers supplied for your further study. May these keys bless your life as they continue to bless mine!

1. Speak from a pure heart. [Ps. 25:21, 34:18, Prov. 16:22-23, 22:11, Matt. 5:8, I Tim. 1:5, II Tim. 2:22, Heb. 10:22]
1Tim. 1:5
(5) Now1161 the3588 end5056 of the3588 commandment3852 is2076 charity26 out of1537 a pure2513 heart,2588 and2532 of a good18 conscience,4893 and2532 of faith4102 unfeigned:505

2. Speak with a forgiving heart not an accusing one. [Gen. 50:17, IIChron. 7:14, Ps. 86:5, Matt. 6:12-15, 18:21, Luke 6:37, Rom.16:20]

Matt. 6:14-15
(14) For1063 if1437 ye forgive863 men444 their846 trespasses,3900 your5216 heavenly3770 Father3962 will also2532 forgive863 you:5213
(15) But1161 if1437 ye forgive863 not3361 men444 their846 trespasses,3900 neither3761 will your5216 Father3962 forgive863 your5216 trespasses.3900

3. Speak Words that edify now! Speaking God’s Word properly increases strength and wisdom. [Prov. 12:22, Rom. 14:19, Eph. 4:15]
(Rom 14:19) (686) Let us therefore follow after1377, 3767 the things3588 which make for peace,1515 and2532 things3588 wherewith one may edify3619, (1519) another.240

4. Pre-think our message to insure it’s positive and edifying. [Prov.12:20, 15:28, 16:1, 29:20, Zech. 8:16, I Cor. 14:26]
(Pro 15:28) The heart3820 of the righteous6662 studieth1897 to answer:6030 but the mouth6310 of the wicked7563 poureth out5042 evil things.7451

5. Think before you speak, communicate with wisdom. [Prov. 16:1, 18:21, 29:20, Js. 3:13,17]
(Pro 18:21) Death4194 and life2416 are in the power3027 of the tongue:3956 and they that love157 it shall eat398 the fruit6529 thereof.

6. If we speak without thinking it may not be well received and could cause harm. [Prov. 9:20,
I Pet. 3:10-11,]
(1Pet. 3:10) For1063 he that will2309 love25 life,2222 and2532 see1492 good18 days,2250 let him refrain3973 his848 tongue1100 from575 evil,2556 and2532 his848 lips5491 that they speak2980 no3361 guile:1388
(1Pe 3:11) Let him eschew1578 evil,2556 and2532 do4160 good;18 let him seek2212 peace,1515 and2532 ensue1377 it.846

7. Don’t seek to repay evil for evil. [Prov. 20:22, Prov.16:7, I Pet. 3:9]
(Pro 20:22) Say559 not408 thou, I will recompense7999 evil;7451 but wait6960 on the LORD,3068 and he shall save3467 thee.

8. Do your best not to deliberately offend people with your words. [Prov. 18:19, Eph. 4:15,29, James 3]
(Pro 18:19) A brother251 offended6586 is harder to be won than a strong5797 city:4480, 7151 and their contentions4079 are like the bars1280 of a castle.759
(Pro 18:20) A man's376 belly990 shall be satisfied7646 with the fruit4480, 6529 of his mouth;6310 and with the increase8393 of his lips8193 shall he be filled.7646

9. We should listen attentively at least twice as much as we speak, God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason. [Ex. 14:14, Prov. 10:19, 11:12, 12:1, 13:3, 17:27-28, 18:6-13, 21:28, James 1:19-20]

(Pro 17:27) He that hath knowledge3045, 1847 spareth2820 his words:561 and a man376 of understanding8394 is of an excellent3368 spirit.7307
(Pro 17:28) Even1571 a fool,191 when he holdeth his peace,2790 is counted2803 wise:2450 and he that shutteth331 his lips8193 is esteemed a man of understanding.995

10. Pay close attention to how you communicate your thoughts. [Prov. 21:23, James 3:13]
(Pro 21:23) Whoso keepeth8104 his mouth6310 and his tongue3956 keepeth8104 his soul5315 from troubles.4480, 6869

11. Give focused attention to detail to avoid mis-communication. Communicate with Precision![Ps. 34:13, Matt. 5:37, I Cor. 13:5-6, Eph. 4:15, Heb. 4:12]
(1Cor. 13:4) Charity26 suffereth long,3114 and is kind;5541 charity26 envieth2206 not;3756 charity26 vaunteth not itself,4068, 3756 is not3756 puffed up,5448
(1Co 13:5) Doth not3756 behave itself unseemly,807 seeketh2212 not3756 her own,1438 is not3756 easily provoked,3947 thinketh3049 no3756 evil;2556
(1Co 13:6) Rejoiceth5463 not3756 in1909 iniquity,93 but1161 rejoiceth4796 in the3588 truth;225
(1Co 13:7) Beareth4722 all things,3956 believeth4100 all things,3956 hopeth1679 all things,3956 endureth5278 all things.3956

12. Pre-think not only our emotions when we prepare to communicate, but also how the emotions of the hearer could be affected. [Prov. 15:28, Eph. 4:31-32, I Pet. 3:10-11]

(Eph 4:31) Let all3956 bitterness,4088 and2532 wrath,2372 and2532 anger,3709 and2532 clamor,2906 and2532 evil speaking,988 be put away142 from575 you,5216 with4862 all3956 malice:2549
(Eph 4:32) And1161 be1096 ye kind5543 one to another,240, 1519 tenderhearted,2155 forgiving5483 one another,1438 even2532 as2531 God2316 for Christ's sake1722, 5547 hath forgiven5483 you.5213

13. Communicate with meekness. [Prov. 16:19, 29:1,23, Acts 26:18, I Cor. 4:21, Eph.4:2, Col. 3:12, Titus 3:2]
(Eph 4:1) I1473 therefore,3767 the3588 prisoner1198 of1722 the Lord,2962 beseech3870 you5209 that ye walk4043 worthy516 of the3588 vocation2821 wherewith3739 ye are called,2564
(Eph 4:2) With3326 all3956 lowliness5012 and2532 meekness,4236 with3326 longsuffering,3115 forbearing430 one another240 in1722 love;26

14. Speak like you want to be spoken to. [Prov. 3:13-17, I Pet. 3:4]

(Pro 3:13) Happy835 is the man120 that findeth4672 wisdom,2451 and the man120 that getteth6329 understanding.8394
(Pro 3:14) For3588 the merchandise5504 of it is better2896 than the merchandise4480, 5505 of silver,3701 and the gain8393 thereof than fine gold.4480, 2742
(Pro 3:15) She1931 is more precious3368 than rubies:4480, 6443 and all3605 the things thou canst desire2656 are not3808 to be compared7737 unto her.
(Pro 3:16) Length753 of days3117 is in her right hand;3225 and in her left hand8040 riches6239 and honor.3519
(Pro 3:17) Her ways1870 are ways1870 of pleasantness,5278 and all3605 her paths5410 are peace.7965
(Pro 3:18) She1931 is a tree6086 of life2416 to them that lay hold2388 upon her: and happy833 is every one that retaineth8551 her.

15. It’s not necessary to raise our voices! [Prov. 15:1,18, 19:11,19, 22:24-25, 25:15,I Pet. 3:11]
(Pro 15:1) A soft7390 answer4617 turneth away7725 wrath:2534 but grievous6089 words1697 stir up5927 anger.639

16. Control our emotions! Don't allow yourself to be offended by others words or actions. [Ps. 119:165, Prov. 14:29, 15:1, 18, 16:5, 24, 32, 17:20, 25:28, 29:11,22, Eph. 4:29]
(Psa 119:165) Great7227 peace7965 have they which love157 thy law:8451 and nothing369 shall offend4383 them.

17. Allow Peace to rule in our hearts and Guard it with vigilance to avoid strife. [Prov. 20:3, 25:23, Isa. 26:3, Phil. 4:7, Col. 3:15, James 3:16]
(Col 3:14) And1161 above1909 all3956 these things5125 put on charity,26 which3748 is2076 the bond4886 of perfectness.5047
(Col 3:15) And2532 let the3588 peace1515 of God2316 rule1018 in1722 your5216 hearts,2588 to1519 the which3739 also2532 ye are called2564 in1722 one1520 body;4983 and2532 be1096 ye thankful.

18. Be Honest with ourselves and our hearers. [Matt. 7:3-5, Eph. 4:15]

(Mat 7:3) And1161 why5101 beholdest991 thou the3588 mote2595 that3588 is in1722 thy4675 brother's80 eye,3788 but1161 considerest2657 not3756 the3588 beam1385 that is in1722 thine own4674 eye?3788
(Mat 7:4) Or2228 how4459 wilt thou say2046 to thy4675 brother,80 Let863 me pull out1544 the3588 mote2595 out of575 thine4675 eye;3788 and,2532 behold,2400 a beam1385 is1722 in thine4675 own eye?3788
(Mat 7:5) Thou hypocrite,5273 first4412 cast out1544 the3588 beam1385 out1537 of thine own4675 eye;3788 and2532 then5119 shalt thou see clearly1227 to cast out1544 the3588 mote2595 out of1537 thy4675 brother's80 eye.3788

19. Sometimes it’s not What we say, but How we say it! [Prov. 26:7, Ps. 34:13, Isa. 32:17]
(Isa 32:17) And the work4639 of righteousness6666 shall be1961 peace;7965 and the effect5656 of righteousness6666 quietness8252 and assurance983 forever.5704, 5769

20. Avoid Rationalizations, Generalizations, Excuses & Absolutes {always, never}
[Gen. 3:8-13, I Sam. 15, Jer. 14:20, I John. 1:9]
(Jer 14:20) We acknowledge,3045 O LORD,3068 our wickedness,7562 and the iniquity5771
of our fathers:1 for3588 we have sinned2398 against thee.

21. When we are wrong admit it! Don’t try to hide our wrongs in darkness. [Gen. 3:8-13, Ps. 34:14, Prov. 28:13, Isa. 59:8, Matt. 11:29]

(Gen 3:8) And they heard8085 (853) the voice6963 of the LORD3068 God430 walking1980 in the garden1588 in the cool7307 of the day:3117 and Adam121 and his wife802 hid themselves2244 from the presence4480, 6440 of the LORD3068 God430 amongst8432 the trees6086 of the garden.1588
(Gen 3:9) And the LORD3068 God430 called7121 unto413 Adam,121 and said559 unto him, Where335 art thou?
(Gen 3:10) And he said,559 I heard8085 (853) thy voice6963 in the garden,1588 and I was afraid,3372 because3588 I595 was naked;5903 and I hid myself.2244
(Gen 3:11) And he said,559 Who4310 told5046 thee that3588 thou859 wast naked?5903 Hast thou eaten398 of4480 the tree,6086 whereof834, 4480 I commanded6680 thee that thou shouldest not1115 eat?398
(Gen 3:12) And the man120 said,559 The woman802 whom834 thou gavest5414 to be with5973 me, she1931 gave5414 me of4480 the tree,6086 and I did eat.398
(Gen 3:13) And the LORD3068 God430 said559 unto the woman,802 What4100 is this2063 that thou hast done?6213 And the woman802 said,559 The serpent5175 beguiled5377 me, and I did eat.398

22. Don’t depend on the five senses by guessing, but ask specific questions to ascertain why actions were taken that didn’t bless the other party. [Rom. 8:6]
(Rom 8:6) For1063 to be carnally4561 minded5427 is death;2288 but1161 to be spiritually4151 minded5427 is life2222 and2532 peace.1515

23. Make it clear what blesses you and what doesn’t. Don’t expect the other party to read your mind! [Zeph. 2:3]
(Zeph. 2:3) Seek1245 ye (853) the LORD,3068 all3605 ye meek6035 of the earth,776 which834 have wrought6466 his judgment;4941 seek1245 righteousness,6664 seek1245 meekness:6038 it may be194 ye shall be hid5641 in the day3117 of the LORD's3068 anger.639

24. Take special care with those we Know & Love. [Rom. 12:10, Gal. 6:10, Eph. 4:32]
(Rom 12:10) Be kindly affectioned5387 one to another240, 1519 with brotherly love;5360 in honor5092 preferring4285 one another;240

25. Smile even when we don’t feel like it! Go the extra smile! [Isa. 29:19]
(Isa 29:19) The meek6035 also shall increase3254 their joy8057 in the LORD,3068 and the poor34 among men120 shall rejoice1523 in the Holy One6918 of Israel.3478

26. Emphasize the positives! [Prov.12:25, 15:13,15, 16:6, 17:12, 20:3, 22:4, Phil. 4:8]
(Pro 12:25) Heaviness1674 in the heart3820 of man376 maketh it stoop:7812 but a good2896 word1697 maketh it glad.8055

27. When we work together there are benefits and prosperity. [Ps. 149:4, Isa. 32:17,
I Cor. 13:11, Eph. 4:3]
(Eph 4:2) With3326 all3956 lowliness5012 and2532 meekness,4236 with3326 longsuffering,3115 forbearing430 one another240 in1722 love;26
(Eph 4:3) Endeavoring4704 to keep5083 the3588 unity1775 of the3588 Spirit4151 in1722 the3588 bond4886 of peace.1515
(Eph 4:4) There is one1520 body,4983 and2532 one1520 Spirit,4151 even as2531 ye are called2564 in1722 one3391 hope1680 of your5216 calling;2821
(Eph 4:5) One1520 Lord,2962 one3391 faith,4102 one1520 baptism,908
(Eph 4:6) One1520 God2316 and2532 Father3962 of all,3956 who3588 is above1909 all,3956 and2532 through1223 all,3956 and2532 in1722 you5213 all.3956

28. Godly communication is organized and structured for the best delivery, appropriate to the situation. [Prov. 25:11, ICor. 14:33 & 40]
(1Cor. 14:40) Let all things3956 be done1096 decently2156 and2532 in2596 order.5010

29. Become a master of winning words, not ultimatums which ignore the hearer’s freewill choice. [Acts 18:24-25, Rom. 8:6, 15:13, James 3:18]
(Jas 3:18) And1161 the fruit2590 of righteousness1343 is sown4687 in1722 peace1515 of them3588 that make4160 peace.1515

30. Sometimes it helps to explain the heart behind our reasoning and planned action, to Win the heart of the hearer. [I Pet. 3:11, Mark 4:34]
(1Pe 3:11) Let him eschew1578 evil,2556 and2532 do4160 good;18 let him seek2212 peace,1515 and2532 ensue1377 it.846
(1Pe 3:12) For3754 the3588 eyes3788 of the Lord2962 are over1909 the righteous,1342 and2532 his846 ears3775 are open unto1519 their846 prayers:1162 but1161 the face4383 of the Lord2962 is against1909 them that do4160 evil.2556

31. The goal is to communicate to get to a peaceful resolution, not to prove you are right and the other is wrong! [Jer. 7:24, James 3:18]
(Jer 7:24) But they hearkened8085 not,3808 nor3808 inclined5186 (853) their ear,241 but walked1980 in the counsels4156 and in the imagination8307 of their evil7451 heart,3820 and went1961 backward,268 and not3808 forward.6440

32. Mediate/negotiate towards an edifying & peaceful resolution, not to get your own way or manipulate. [Prov. 20:12, Rom. 15:13, ICor. 14:12]
(1Cor. 14:12) Even2532 so3779 ye,5210 forasmuch as1893 ye are2075 zealous2207 of spiritual4151 gifts, seek2212 that2443 ye may excel4052 to4314 the3588 edifying3619 of the3588 church.1577

33. One person speaks at a time while the other listens without interruption, each is allowed their say. [Jer. 7:24, Rom. 12:10]
(Rom 12:10) Be kindly affectioned5387 one to another240, 1519 with brotherly love;5360 in honor5092 preferring4285 one another;240

34. Resolve one issue at a time, stay focused on the subject at hand and avoid rabbit trails. [Isa. 30:21]
(Isa 30:21) And thine ears241 shall hear8085 a word1697 behind4480, 310 thee, saying,559 This2088 is the way,1870 walk1980 ye in it, when3588 ye turn to the right hand,541 and when3588 ye turn to the left.8041

35. Once an issue is handled and resolved don’t re-invent it. [Ps. 25:6-7, Rom. 3:25, Eph. 2:3, Phil. 3:13]
(Psa 25:6) Remember,2142 O LORD,3068 thy tender mercies7356 and thy loving kindness;2617 for3588 they1992 have been ever of old.4480, 5769
(Psa 25:7) Remember2142 not408 the sins2403 of my youth,5271 nor my transgressions:6588 according to thy mercy2617 remember2142 thou859 me for thy goodness' sake,4616, 2898 O LORD.3068

36. Every time we settle an issue it’s a fresh start! [Ps. 37:37, Phil. 3:13]
(Psa 37:37) Mark8104 the perfect8535 man, and behold7200 the upright:3477 for3588 the end319 of that man376 is peace.7965

37. The past is dead and finished, don’t resurrect it! [Phil. 3:13]
(Phil. 3:13) Brethren,80 I1473 count3049 not3756 myself1683 to have apprehended:2638 but1161 this one thing1520 I do, forgetting1950 those things which are behind,3694, 3303 and1161 reaching forth1901 unto those things which are before,1715
(Php 3:14) I press1377 toward2596 the mark4649 for1909 the3588 prize1017 of the3588 high507 calling2821 of God2316 in1722 Christ5547 Jesus.2424

38. Bringing up the past destroys efforts to change for the better! [Job 30:13, Luke 17:32]
(Job 30:13) They mar5420 my path,5410 they set forward3276 my calamity,1942 they have no3808 helper.5826
(Luk 17:32) Remember3421 Lot's3091 wife.1135

39. Talk to the person directly that you may have an issue with, not with others first.
No Gossiping, backbiting or talebearing!!
[Prov. 10:18, 11:13, 12:23, 17:9,12, 18:8, 20:19 26:20-28]

(Pro 17:9) He that covereth3680 a transgression6588 seeketh1245 love;160 but he that repeateth8138 a matter1697 separateth6504 very friends.441
(Pro 18:8) The words1697 of a talebearer5372 are as wounds,3859 and they1992 go down3381 into the innermost parts2315 of the belly.990

40. Negatives breed negatives! Douse the campfire before it starts a forest fire. [Prov. 26:21, James 3:5-6, II John 1:8-11]

(2Jn 1:8) Look to991 yourselves,1438 that2443 we lose622 not3361 those things which3739 we have wrought,2038 but235 that we receive618 a full4134 reward.3408
(2Jn 1:9) Whosoever3956 transgresseth,3845 and2532 abideth3306 not3361 in1722 the3588 doctrine1322 of Christ,5547 hath2192 not3756 God.2316 He that abideth3306 in1722 the3588 doctrine1322 of Christ,5547 he3778 hath2192 both2532 the3588 Father3962 and2532 the3588 Son.5207
(2Jn 1:10) If there come any1536, 2064 unto4314 you,5209 and2532 bring5342 not3756 this5026 doctrine,1322 receive2983 him846 not3361 into1519 your house,3614 neither2532, 3361 bid3004 him846 Godspeed:5463
(2Jn 1:11) For1063 he that biddeth3004 him846 Godspeed5463 is partaker2841 of his848 evil4190 deeds.2041

41. Don’t dwell on negatives, believe for the best in people to give them a good reputation to live up to. [Ps. 34:14, Isa. 38:17, II Tim. 1:7]
(2Tim. 1:7) For1063 God2316 hath not3756 given1325 us2254 the spirit4151 of fear;1167 but235 of power,1411 and2532 of love,26 and2532 of a sound mind.4995

42. Follow through on what is agreed upon, nothing takes care of itself except evil.
[Ps. 28:3, 34:13, 147:6]

(Psa 34:11) Come,1980 ye children,1121 hearken8085 unto me: I will teach3925 you the fear3374 of the LORD.3068
(Psa 34:12) What4310 man376 is he that desireth2655 life,2416 and loveth157 many days,3117 that he may see7200 good?2896
(Psa 34:13) Keep5341 thy tongue3956 from evil,4480, 7451 and thy lips8193 from speaking4480, 1696 guile.4820
(Psa 34:14) Depart5493 from evil,4480, 7451 and do6213 good;2896 seek1245 peace,7965 and pursue7291 it.
(Psa 34:15) The eyes5869 of the LORD3068 are upon413 the righteous,6662 and his ears241 are open unto413 their cry.7775
(Psa 34:16) The face6440 of the LORD3068 is against them that do6213 evil,7451 to cut off3772 the remembrance2143 of them from the earth.4480, 776
(Psa 34:17) The righteous cry,6817 and the LORD3068 heareth,8085 and delivereth5337 them out of all4480, 3605 their troubles.6869

43. Amendments to agreements are good if both/all parties benefit, and increase in strength and wisdom. [Prov. 12:20, Isa. 26:3, James 3:17]
(Jas 3:17) But1161 the3588 wisdom4678 that is from above509 is2076 first4412, 3303 pure,53 then1899 peaceable,1516 gentle,1933 and easy to be entreated,2138 full3324 of mercy1656 and2532 good18 fruits,2590 without partiality,87 and2532 without hypocrisy.505
(Jas 3:18) And1161 the fruit2590 of righteousness1343 is sown4687 in1722 peace1515 of them3588 that make4160 peace.1515

44. Take believing action to insure the hearer will receive the message well. [Gal. 5:6, 6:1]
(Gal 5:6) For1063 in1722 Jesus2424 Christ5547 neither3777 circumcision4061 availeth2480 any thing,5100 nor3777 uncircumcision;203 but235 faith4102 which worketh1754 by1223 love.26

45. Correct unproductive habits to communicate the best, this requires focused daily effort! [Col. 3:8, Rom.12:1-2]
(Col 3:8) But1161 now3570 ye5210 also2532 put off659 all these;3956 anger,3709 wrath,2372 malice,2549 blasphemy,988 filthy communication148 out of1537 your5216 mouth.4750
(Col 3:9) Lie5574 not3361 one to another,240, 1519 seeing that ye have put off554 the3588 old3820 man444 with4862 his846 deeds;4234
(Col 3:10) And2532 have put on1746 the3588 new3501 man, which is renewed341 in1519 knowledge1922 after2596 the image1504 of him that created2936 him:846

46. Practice Godly communication daily until it’s a positive habit. [Ps. 25:9 Rom.12:1-2]
(Psa 25:9) The meek6035 will he guide1869 in judgment:4941 and the meek6035 will he teach3925 his way.1870
(Psa 25:10) All3605 the paths734 of the LORD3068 are mercy2617 and truth571 unto such as keep5341 his covenant1285 and his testimonies.5713

47. Speak healing Words of Life! God’s Word is the Greatest Healing reality. [Prov. 10:11, 12:18, 25, 13:14, 14:27, 15:4]
(Pro 12:18) There is3426 that speaketh981 like the piercings4094 of a sword:2719 but the tongue3956 of the wise2450 is health.4832
(Pro 12:19) The lip8193 of truth571 shall be established3559 forever:5703 but5704 a lying8267 tongue3956 is but for a moment.7280
(Pro 15:4) A wholesome4832 tongue3956 is a tree6086 of life:2416 but perverseness5558 therein is a breach7667 in the spirit.7307

48. Speak words of encouragement NOT discouraging words! [Prov. 18:14, Eph. 6:4]
(Pro 18:14) The spirit7307 of a man376 will sustain3557 his infirmity;4245 but a wounded5218 spirit7307 who4310 can bear?5375

49. Forgiveness defeats the enemy! [Matt. 6:12-15, 18:21, Luke 6:37, II Cor. 2:7]
(2Co 2:7) So that5620 contrariwise5121 ye5209 ought rather3123 to forgive5483 him, and2532 comfort3870 him, lest3381 perhaps such a one5108 should be swallowed up2666 with overmuch4055 sorrow.3077
(2Co 2:8) Wherefore1352 I beseech3870 you5209 that ye would confirm2964 your love26 toward1519 him.846

50. Always bring things back to the touchstone/standard of Truth, God’s Word.
[Ps. 138:2, Philemon 1:6]
(Philem 1:6) That3704 the3588 communication2842 of thy4675 faith4102 may become1096 effectual1756 by1722 the acknowledging1922 of every3956 good thing18 which3588 is in1722 you5213 in1519 Christ5547 Jesus.2424
(Phm 1:7) For1063 we have2192 great4183 joy5485 and2532 consolation3874 in1909 thy4675 love,26 because3754 the3588 bowels4698 of the3588 saints40 are refreshed373 by1223 thee,4675 brother.80
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