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Introduction to the Try-God.com Timeline

  With our primary theme based on astronomical matters, one goal in dealing with history is to use astronomical calculations to verify key historical events, that can be utilized as a firm basis to proceed in our study of Biblical Astronomy. We refer to the events in history on a Timeline because the Biblical view of time and temporal events is linear not cyclical. As a result, this Timeline is not designed to be comprehensive in nature, or an exact chronological record, but a navigational tool of this web-site, designed as an aid in giving a Biblical overview to the general perspective of key events related to our topic. The Almighty has a purpose for the Ages. We will not gain a spiritual perspective of history unless we acknowledge His purposes in Creation. This exhibits the dichotomy between Evolutionary dogma and Biblical Creation, because the randomness of Evolutionary natural selection denies the Sovereign purposes of the Creator, as they are expressed in His Creation. The celestial storyboards of Biblical Astronomy reflect the Heavenly Father's purpose of the ages, in the coming of His only begotten Son, to redeem the Creation that was thrown into ruin at the fall of man. This is the central focus of His-Story, and only this perspective sheds the illuminating light of God's Word on the events of the past. This enlightend view and spiritual perspective of history includes three Heavens and Earths, and Seven Biblical Administrations. Generally, secular historians are in agreement as to the approximate timing of events from the century between the June 15th Solar eclipse recorded in 763 BC, in Assyrian texts, and the sacking of Thebes in 664 BC, also by the Assyrians. Before this time secular historians diverge in their timelines. These historical entries on our Timeline are in black. Ages of the precession of the equinoxes are printed in Blue. This adds a general astronomical order to the ages of history, that provides a spiritual theme aligned with the Creator's purposes in the light of Biblical Astronomy. Since an overall theme of our site is giving God Almighty, the Creator, the proper honor and praise for His Omnipotent and Benevolent Acts of Creation, we have included aspects of a Biblical Timeline referring to 3 Heavens and Earths, printed in Green. Historical entries occur primarily within our current Second Heavens and Earth. We have also marked Seven Biblical Administrations in Purple. Together these aspects of our Timeline provide a panoramic view of God's temporal organization of His Creation, giving us the proper perspective and context to understand the raw historical facts. Conventional History has been a valuable tool, providing a framework to begin looking at historical events, unfortunately it has not provided much evidence that upholds the Biblical History of early Israel, Egypt or Babylon. A more recent Chronology however, by David Rohl in his book Pharaohs and Kings, shows both archaeological and astronomical records confirming Biblical records of early Israel and other ancient cultures recorded in the Bible. As we will see, the use of astronomical dating methods has nailed down some key events in history, that predate the solar eclipse of 763 BC referred to above, by over 700 years. These dating methods have also provided us with a very accurate record regarding the timing of Christ's birth. This gives us a firm foundation in historical research that precedes the limits of Conventional History, in the 7th Century BC. Thus, when the principles of Biblical Archaeo-Astronomy are utilized in combination with the Historical facts, we are afforded a powerful tool that has not been fully considered until recently. With this in mind, lets begin our historical overview with a spiritual perspective.

spiritual perspective

  Try-God Timeline

  In the Beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth... in eternity past God created. Almighty God, (Elohim) the Creator, has always been and will always be. The Creator's dwelling place in Heaven of the Heavens, is separate, external and above what lies inside the cosmic bubble of the firmament, and within the faces of the deep [Genesis 1:6-8]. As a major departure from mysticism and some scientific theory, God's initial Acts of Creation did not occur in time. Rather, Time was initiated at Creation. By assuming that the Creator began His Acts of Creation in time it assumes that God Himself resides in time, and is subject to temporal bounds. But His Omnipotent sovereignty extends over all temporal boundaries which are only one aspect of His Creation of time. The scientific cosmology of the Big Bang lumps all these fine details of Creation into the compact Mass of a "singularity," where all the Laws of Physics break down, because it lacks the ability to distinguish the details we will soon see, as God recorded them in His Word. We will explore other distinctions from scientific theory as our expose' on Biblical Creation proceeds.  

  First Heavens and Earth [Genesis 1:1-2a]: God's Creation was originally perfect, but it "became without form and void, and darkness was upon the faces of the deep," as a result of Lucifer's rebellion in heaven. There has always been a consistent effort in mysticism to blame the chaos in Creation on the Creator, but God is Light and in Him is no darkness at all! The Creator and Christian God is not a "union of opposites" as promoted by eastern religions, Astrology or the occult. The Creator's purity was first expressed in the Works of His Hands resulting from His Spoken Word, but as the Creator, He preexisted all aspects of His Creation, and resides independent and above His Creation. His temporal Creation is not boundless, but has clearly  defined borders which are introduced in the next section on the Second Heavens and Earth [Genesis 1:2a-3]. Here the Spirit of God moves to inspect the damage inflicted by Lucifer, upon the faces of the deep, in His Creation. Here we find the result of the iniquity found in Lucifer [Ezek. 28:15], which was the "original sin" in the First Heavens and Earth. In scientific terms we call this spiritual Entropy, because when Lucifer, whose dominion over the First Heavens and Earth was second only to God, the Creator, exercised his freewill contrary to the Will of the Creator, calamity resulted, and the First Heavens and Earth were thrown into ruin. This Spiritual Entropy in Lucifer's original sin was carried over into the Second Heavens and Earth, as seen in the Serpent's seduction of Eve in Genesis 3, a process where he tricked her into following his first path to destruction. We will inspect the Entropy laws in greater detail as we proceed, and in other related studies of the Try-God website.

Try-God Timeline of the First Heavens and Earth

§ God the Creator [Elohim] in eternity past.

§ God the Creator [Elohim] creates the First Heavens and Earth.
God is perfect.
He created nothing that was not also perfect in its initial condition. He did not need any raw matter for Creation, but this was an "ex nihilo" Creation, with no prior existence [II Pet. 3:5], as opposed to the setting of the Second Heavens and Earth, where God was working to re-order the ruined condition and raw materials of the First Heavens and Earth. The angels were the only life-forms during this time besides God, who were generally organized under three archangels, Gabriel, Michael, and Lucifer, the Archangel of Light, second only behind God the Creator. As the "cornerstone" [Job 38:6] or apex of Creation, Lucifer was the finished pattern and blueprint of perfection in wisdom and beauty [Ezek. 28:12]. All the angelic realms were lead by Lucifer in their first estate, in hymns of praise to the Creator, a symphony of harmonic perfection of sound and light, as the Spoken Word of the Creator was reflected back to Him in worship [Ezek. 28:13-15, Job 38:4-7]. God created the angels with freewill choice, which included the potential to choose against His divine will, the definition of evil. This was neccessary for the genuine activation of freewill, for without this potential choice contrary to the Creator's will, He has already legislated an entire outcome of options that are all in agreement with Him.  


§ Iniquity was found in Lucifer as he chose contrary to the Creator's Will, activating spiritual Entropy. [Ezek. 28:15-18, Isa. 14:13-14]. Here is an important departure from science, which holds that activated Entropy was part of the initial conditions of the Big Bang. God's Word holds that only the potential for the random chaos of Entropy was part of these conditions of the first estate of the angels. This makes all the difference between attributing darkness & chaos to the Creator or not. Since darkness is only the absence of Light, it does not need to be "created" nor can it be, since it is only a negative consequence of perfect initial conditions gone wrong. God is Light and in Him is no darkness at all. He only created the potential for evil not evil or darkness itself, [Isa. 45:7] which resulted from Lucifer's disobedient actions.

§  War in Heaven ensued with Lucifer being cast out of Heaven along with one third of heavens angels whom he decieved to follow him in his attempted coup' [Rev. 12:7-9,3-4, Isa. 14:12, Ezek. 28:16-17, Jer. 51:25-26]. Lucifer's war and revolt in heaven caused the ruin of the First Heavens and Earth, in a deluge, [II Pet. 3:6, Genesis 1:1, Job 38:8-11, 28-30], not to be confused with Noah's flood of the Second Heavens and Earth. Certain of the angels that partook in this ruin of the First Heavens and Earth were imprisoned by God in the Abyss [II Pet. 2:4, Job 26:6-7, Jude 5-6], not to be loosed again until the time of the great tribulation [Rev. 9:1-11]. This leads us to God's re-ordering the Creation which became ruined, "without form and void," at the start of the Second Heavens and Earth. [Gen. 1:2ff]
  It is also important to note that the debate that has raged between "Old Earth" and "Young Earth" scientists is much ado about nothing. Once we realize the Biblical truths about the First Heavens and Earth, which precedes the Second Heavens and Earth that we now inhabit, and understand that God's Creation of the current Second Heavens and Earth, was based on His reparation of the ruined First Heavens and Earth, everything falls into place. The Bible does not tell us the duration of the First Heavens and Earth, nor the length of time between the ruin of the First Heavens and Earth, leading up to the Creator's repair job which yielded the Second Heavens and Earth. We are living on the repaired version of the original planet Earth, not a brand new "young Earth" version!! There could very well have been billions of years where the First Heavens and Earth existed, prior to it's ruin, due to Lucifer's revolt. We do not know, because the Bible doesn't tell us. This allows for potentially long epochs of time, which would account for the radioactive elements with very long half lives, that suggest an old Earth. We also know that there was something called Heaven before the universal expanse we see today when we look up into the sky. God's repair job in the Second Heavens and Earth included the creation of the stars- the celestial lights which did not exist in the First Heaven and Earth. Thus it is important to realize that a "Young Earth" is not required to stay true to the Biblical record of Creation.

heaven and earth

Try-God Timeline of the Second Heavens and Earth

  And God said... is the basis of Creation in the Second Heavens & Earth, and is God's Spoken Word restoring order to His Creation, that Lucifer and his 1/3 of the angels of heaven [Rev. 12:4
], had ruined. The result of God's Spirit moving to restore order to His Creation, is seen in the Creation record of Genesis 1-2, in the Second Heavens and Earth "which are now" [II Pet. 3:7]. God initiated this re-ordering by the re-introduction of light into His Creation, He didn't have to "re-create" light because the essence of light was already in existence in the raw materials of the First Heavens & Earth. God only had to speak the Word to re-order the basic elements of light in manifestion once again. It is also noteworthy that this light was manifest prior to the Creation of the celestial bodies in Genesis 1:14-16, with the exception of the Earth, which already existed in the First Heavens and Earth. As we look at these circumstances in scientific terms, we must consider the laws of thermodynamics, the First being the Conservation Laws of Energy, and the Second Law is Entropy. God first created a perfectly energy efficient universe, without assymetry, where no energy was wasted. This was an Entropy free creation. However with Lucifer's revolt, the angel of Light, the first elements of chaos and randomness where introduced into the physical Creation. In the context of the Entropy law, this is the first time there was any wasted energy evident in the physical processes of God's Creation. Inside the cosmic bubble which is a closed system-where only energy can be exchanged with the outside environment, and all energy under the Entropy law, moves from an ordered to a disordered state. But God did not originally set it up this way. Entropy was a contingency based on the exercised freewill choice of the created beings in the First Heavens and Earth-the Angels. As long as they obeyed the laws of the Creator, the balanced original state of perfection would continue, but when His laws were violated, the introduction of evil ensued, and the Creation was ultimately ruined. Again, in the context of the Entropy law, this ruination of the First Heavens and Earth can be seen as the heat death of the Universe, corresponding to everything becoming without form and void. This was a state of maximum Entropy, where all the available energy had been used up or dissapated, and no more work could be done. Again, under the Entropy law, energy levels always tend to move towards a state of maximum Entropy in a closed system. We find evidence of this in the Genesis 1 Creation record, where God first re-orders the ruins of the First Heavens and Earth.

Genesis 1:3-4

And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good and God divided the light from the darkness

  God had to divide the light from the darkness because they were somehow "mixed together." This mixing of light and darkness really only makes sense scientifically in terms of the Entropy law, because it is difficult for us to imagine how darkness, which is the absence of light, can be "mixed" with its opposite. In terms of Entropy however, when we view this state in terms of available energy, the picture becomes clearer. The force of Entropy is embodied in the evil which was activated when Lucifer decided he wanted to take the place of the Almighty Creator. As the former archangel of light, Lucifer became the force which diffused and dispersed the manifested Light of God. Where he had presided over the perfect reflection of this Light back to the Creator, in honor and worship without any wasting of this energy in his first estate, he now was responsible for the refracting and absorbing of God's Light so that some of this energy was wasted. This is what we witness today as the Entropy law in action. The situation in Genesis 1:4 reflects at state of maximum Entropy, where all physical processes have decayed & all energy is spent. Thus Lucifer was the first and biggest polluter of the world, because pollution in entropic terms is nothing but wasted energy, which can no longer be utilized for work. This was the "heat death" of the First Heavens and Earth, but it was not to be the final end of all things. The Almighty God and Heavenly Father reversed the "irreversible" force of Entropy by separating the light from the darkness, and re-energizing this light with His Spoken Word. Notice also that God called the light "good," but He never called the darkness "good." This is a major point of contradiction to those who hold that God created the universe "without form and void," which in effect says that He created it with Entropy already activated. These creationists have neglected to recognize the outcome of Lucifer's revolt and its effects on all Creation as they are recorded here in Genesis 1. In effect they blame God for ruining His own Creation, which is blasphemy. But when we realize what happened in the context of the Entropy law, the true picture becomes clear. God reclaimed a perfect order out of the chaos & destruction of the First Heavens and Earth, and set aside the Garden of Eden as a paradise for man to dwell in. God's separation of the good light from the evil darkness, reinstituted a non-Entropy state in His Creation, where the rule of light dominated once again. This Original Paradise in the Second Heavens and Earth was a world where Entropy was again relegated to only a potential outcome, based on the freewill of the created beings dwelling therein-Adam and Eve.      
  We should also note that God's Word records only three categories of Acts of Creation in the Second Heavens and Earth. They are the so-called "universe" or all things contained inside the cosmic bubble of the firmament, secondly "soul life" which did not exist in the First Heavens and Earth, and the new spiritual creation God puts inside every born again believer in the Church Age. The borders set by God around His Creation are evident in [Gen. 1:6-8, Ezek. 1:22-28] which separate His creation from His eternal dwellings in the Heaven of Heavens, which is above the watery bounds of the firmament [Ps. 148:4, Gen. 1:6-8]. There remains a Third Heavens and Earth, still future, [Rev. 21:1]. These three Heavens and Earth represent the complete record of the Creator's activity in and with His Creation. God's temporal order within the Second Heavens and Earth is further subdivided into Seven Spiritual Admininstrations, which we will highlight in purple in the Try-God Timeline. These seven administrations begin with the order that God restored for man in the Garden of Eden

original paradise

 1. Original Paradise: When God restored order in the Second Heavens and Earth [Gen.2:1], He set aside a Garden for man to dwell in, the Garden of Eden on Earth, and he gave the male-Adam and the female-Eve dominion over the various kingdoms of life that God created in the Earth. God created them as free-will individuals, [Gen. 2:16] and the True God never oversteps the sacred trust of the boundaries of human free will. In contrast the false god and his agents operate on the basis of controlling humans against their will. To enact the principle of freedom of will, God had to have an alternative to His Will available in the Garden of Eden [Gen. 2:17], or else He would have been legislating the outcome of events in the Garden. This alternative was the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Adam and Eve had free reign in their initial innocence in the Garden of Eden, with this one exception of the knowledge of evil. Evil was not initially active in man's initial innocence in the Garden of Eden. The Principle of Evil [*H7489-raa], remained exclusively in the category of potential, as long as Adam and Eve chose to obey the Heavenly Father and avoid the only alternative opposed to God's Will. When they chose this alternative, falling victim to the serpent's temptation, [Gen. 3] calamity resulted. Evil no longer was only a potential, but it was now a reality. It's activation had far-reaching ramifications both physically and spiritually. First, man lost his spiritual connection with God, being originally created in the image of God [Genesis 1:27-28], Who is Spirit, [John 4:24]. Man lost his dominion over the kingdoms of life in the Earth, and the Natural Order that had served him so well in the Garden, now required much more work. One unrealized consequence of the activation of this principle of Evil, that we can document scientifically, is seen in connection with the scientific Laws of the Conservation of Energy and Matter. Spiritual Entropy which preceded it's physical counterpart, was activated at Lucifer's revolt against God in the First Heavens and Earth. His Original Sin was the initial act of defiance where freedom of will among the angels, was exercised contrary to the will and purposes of God. This revolt caused the ruin of the First Heavens and Earth, which "became without form and void," it was not originally created in chaos by the Father of Lights, in whom is no darkness at all. Physical Entropy, or the random disorder of a physical system, is a direct result of the fall of man in the Garden of Eden, or Original Paradise, and did not begin at science's moment of creation with the Big Bang. Death and decay were not activated until Evil became activated on the Earth. Thus the death, decay & disease that we see in the physical world can be accurately understood in the context of Physical Entropy. After the fall of man, Energy, in the physical world could only be extracted from a system, as it changes to a less ordered state, [Rom. 8:19-22]. This was formerly not so in Original Paradise. Before the activation of Evil, the Natural Order was not bound to decay and corruption, as we see the in our World and our own flesh, in the current age. This is an important distinction we must realize in the picture God's Word paints for us, as opposed to Physics and scientific cosmology.  These consequences of the activation of the principle of evil will no longer be in effect in the seventh Spiritual Administration of Final Paradise, which is a return to the principles of righteousness prior to Lucifer's revolt and the activation of the spiritual Entropy. The Second Coming of the King of Kings, this time as the victorious conqueror, will once and for all time, set things aright with God's Creation.


  2. Patriarchal Administration: Once Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden [4091 BC], they were commanded to be fruitful and multiply and replenish the Earth. In this age, the revelation in the celestial order held the wisdom, and declared the glory of God [Ps. 19:1], and since man's spiritual connection with God was severed, men had to rely on God's spiritual gift bestowed upon them conditionally, in unison with working the principles of the celestial gospel, unless God sent and angel to speak His Will. Adam had the greatest understanding of this wisdom, and he taught the principles of the celestial gospel direct to his offspring for the following 930 years of his life. These principles of God's Word written in the Stars, apply in all six of the Spiritual Administrations within the Second Heavens and Earth. The prophecies of the coming redeemer of mankind were first written in the heavens, and were read successfully by the Magi at the first coming of the Messiah, even after the Scriptures of the Old Testament were given by inspiration of God, to Moses and the O.T. Prophets. Even so, there are celestial signs and prophecies that apply to his Second Coming also. This is one of the central purposes of the Try-God Web-site, to provide educational resources for believers who are interested in this important area of research. The Patriarchal Administration can be spilt into the antidiluvian period prior to Noah's Flood [2305 BC] and the time after the flood, or the post-diluvian period. As God made a Covenant with Abraham regarding his seed, and Abraham rose up to believe this Covenant, he was made not only the Father of Believers, but of many Nations. God's Covenant proceeded in the seed of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and the 12 tribes of Israel. The Principles of the Patriarchal Age, were superceded spiritually by the Mosaic Law, and God's Written Word in the Old Testament, but the Written Scriptures also serve to establish the principles of the Celestial Gospel, even as its truths are applied in future Spiritual Administrations.

            Try-God Timeline of Historical Events

10,806 BC
. Opening of the Precession Age of Leo the Lion.

9000 BC. Einkorn wheat is domesticated in Palestine, sheep and goats are domesticated in Persia.

8646 BC. Opening of the Precessional Age of Cancer the Crab, also depicted as the Northern and Southern Asses in this sign of the zodiac.  

8500 BC. Agricultural societies are evident from archaeological records in the area of modern Peru, raising potatos, beans and pumpkins. Roots of the Mayan culture (Olmecs) of Central America begin to make astronomical calculations and construct related buildings.

7500 BC. Early archaeological records of fortifications at Jericho.
Beer is brewed in Mesopotamia.

6486 BC. Opening of the Precessional Age of Gemini the twins.

5702 BC. Early date for the use of the Sothic Calendar in ancient Egypt, the first known calendar based on a 365-day year, or 12 months of 30 days with 5 "festival days" added at the end of each year. This is evidence of the early sophistication of astronomical practices in ancient Egypt that can be dated at this early time in history, due to the regular 1,460-year Sothic cycle. Roman historian Censorinus stated that the Heliacal Rising of the star Sirius, the foundation of the Sothic cycle, occurred at the start of the solar year in 139 AD. As we calculate back from that date every 1,460 years we arrive at the dates of 1322, 2782, 4242 and 5702 BC. The last date agrees with archaeological records like the original eastern axis of the Dendera zodiac which intersects Orion, that lies between Gemini and Taurus, on the zodiac. This matches the precessional ages that bracket this entry on our Try-God Timeline.

4326 BC. Opening of the Precessional Age of Taurus the Bull. Recognition of this cycle in ancient Egypt is supported by the iconography of the cult of the Apis Bull. The dominant icons of Egyptian culture were transformed to the Ram-god Ammon, at the start of the next precessional Age of Aries the Ram, providing further support for the ancient's knowledge of the precession of the equinoxes.

precession of the equinoxes

4300 BC. The Dendera zodiac including its 36 decans, marks the sign Gemini at the spring equinox, providing more indications of celestial observation with an awareness of the precession, prior to 4300 BC.

4242 BC. Archaeological records of Nile River culture, in the Egyptian Delta region. This coincides with the middle date of the Sothic Calendar, based on the rising of the star Sirius of Canis Major, the brightest star in the heavens after the Sun, Moon and Venus, the brightest of the planets of our solar system.

4091 BC. The beginning of Adam's years according to his age of 130 years at the time of Seth's birth. This marks the beginning of the Patriarchal Age/Administration. Obviously this followed the Biblical Administration of the Original Paradise. We don't know how long Adam and Eve lived during this period.

4000 BC. Ancient accounting practices documented on Sumerian Clay tokens.

3961 BC. Biblical date for the birth of Seth after Adam & Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden, 1656 years prior to Noah's Flood in 2305 BC. Adam was 130 years old at this time according to [Gen. 5:3-5]

3500 BC. Sumerian City-States of Ur, Erech, Accad, Nippur, Eridu, Kish and Lagash. Ancient Cylinder Seals were found in these cities, that were used to seal contracts and other documents. Solid wheels are in use in Mesopotamia.

3440 BC. Date for the alignment of the of the alpha star-Thuban of Draco down the star shaft of the Great Pyramid, reflecting the upper limit of this star's polar cycle in the precession of the poles.

precession of the poles

3400 BC. Egyptian Heiroglyphics. Historical records of a flood in Ur.

3200 BC. Canaanite Culture in Palestine with walled cities in Megiddo, Hazor and Jebus, perhaps this gives archaeological evidence of the origin of a group called the Pali Shepherds, who settled in ancient Egypt as forerunners of the Hyksos. Also in Ireland, astronomically oriented megalithic stones were erected at Newgrange.

3150 BC. Sumerian-Akkadian Cylinder Seal including the "Royal Stars" at the Cardinal Directions, is implied archaeological evidence that the knowledge of the entire zodiac existed in ancient Sumeria-Akkad, due to the symbolism of these four key stars representing the entire zodiac.

3114 BC. The start of the Mayan calendar on August 11th, whose 5th Sun, or age is predicted to come to a catastrophic end in 2012 AD. 

3100 BC. Menes/Narmer unifies Northern and Southern Egypt according Dr. Richard Parker's rendering of a First Dynasty Tablet. He also notes that the goddess Hathor is depicted as a reclining Cow with a star between her horns at the vernal equinox. This is nearly identical to Hathor's rendering 3000 years later on Dendera's zodiac found in Ptolemaic temples to the same goddess. The Sothic Calendar was also used during this period in ancient Egypt, as further evidence of the advanced state of Egyptian Astronomy prior to 3100 BC. Stonehenge I is built on the Salisbury plain in England.

3100-2700 BC. First and Second Egyptian Dynasties (18 Pharaohs).

3000 BC. Babylonian Eclipse records, along with Sumerian Cuneiform script. Minoan Culture on Crete, and water clocks and abacus found in China.

2800 BC. 365-day, Lunar Calendar in Egypt.

2750 BC. Epic of Gilgamesh, which provides a record of the flood, and is organized in 12 sections in all liklihood, supporting the 12 month 360-day calendar in Babylon at, or before this date.

2700-2200 BC. Egyptian Old Kingdom Dynasties 3-6.

2653 BC. Chinese Lunar Calendar/zodiac.

2670 BC. Saqqara Step-Pyramid in Egypt.

2589-2566 BC. Pharaoh Khufu/Cheops

2570 BC. Traditional construction period of the Great Pyramid.

2550 BC. Pyramid of Kephren.

2500 BC. Pyramid of Mykinerus.

2450 BC. Heliopolitan Priests of Ra, the Sun-god of Egypt.

2340 BC. Sargon I, the first Mesopotamian Empire. Sumerian scribes use a schematic year with 12 months of 30 days in their 360-day year.

2403 BC. Birth of Shem when Noah was 502 years old [Gen. 5:32, 11:10]

2305 BC. The Year of Noah's Flood 98 years after Shem's birth when Noah was 600 years old according to [Gen. 7:6].

2303 BC. Birth of Arphaxad when Shem was 100 years old [Gen. 11:12-13] 2 years after the flood.





2296 BC. Chinese & Babylonian records of a Comet, in the earliest known historical Comet sighting.

2200 BC. Sumerian 12 month luni-solar calendar, with an Intercalation added every 8 years to stay in synch with the seasons.

2200-2040 BC. Intermediate Egyptian Dynasties 7-10.

2170 BC. Later traditional date for the building of the Great Pyramid according to the astronomical alignments of Charles Piazzi-Smyth, when the star Thuban of Draco shone down the Great Pyramid's descending passage at the lower limit of Thuban's polar cycle in the precession of the poles.

2166 BC. Opening year of the Precessional Age of Aries the Ram.

2100 BC. The ziggurat at Ur is built.

1953 BC. Birth of Abram. A Jupiter-Saturn triple Conjunction also marks Abram's birth. This date also fits chronologically & Biblically with the 350 years that elapsed between Arphaxad's birth and the birth of Abram when Terah was 130 years old [Gen. 11:26,32; 12:1].   Along with the triple unions of Jupiter-Saturn concurrent  with the births of Moses and Jesus, the spiritual impact of this key planetary Conjunction cycle is realized in history. This triple planetary union  also marks the start of the Chinese Calendar based on the 12-year Jupiter cycle.

1920-1911 BC. Abram with Melchisedek [Gen. 14:17-20, Heb.11:8-12] Abram sought a city whose builder and maker was God. The foundations of Jerusalem are found with Melchizedek, the King of Salem.

1877 BC. Abraham's decsent into Canaan includes his time in Egypt [total 430 years of Ex. 12:40] where He had opportunities to teach the tenets of the Astronomy of the Biblical Patriarchs.

1853 BC. Birth of Isaac. Also during the 18th Century BC, the Standard Nippur Calendar was employed consisting of 12, 29-30 day months.

1700 BC. Birth of Joseph

1683 BC. Joseph arrives in Egypt. The Pharaoh in Egypt at this time was Amenemhat III, who reigned for 47 years according to Rohl's New Biblical Chronolgy, including Joseph's time as Vizier starting in 1670.

1667-1653 BC. Babylonian 1st Dynasty KingSumuabum

1662-1447 BC. Israelite sojourn in Egypt according to Rohl's New 
Biblical Chronology. This 215 year period which is half the total period indicated in Exodus 12:40 [the total 430 years includes their sojourn in the land of Canaan also]. This 215 year period marks the time from Joseph's entry into Egypt, not Abraham, constituting the entire 430 years.

1670 BC. Joseph as Vizier of Egypt, relating to a Biblical record of the knowledge of the precession of the equinoxes, [Genesis 37] which would have been handed down in oral teachings from the Biblical Patriarchs. Joseph was 30 according to [Gen. 41:46]. 
The Hebrew zodiac is also recorded in Genesis 49 and Deut. 33, in the Song of Moses.

1653-1617 BC. Babylonian 1st Dynasty KingSumulael

1645 BC.  Death of Jacob 17 years after he arrives [1662 BC] in Egypt.

1617-1603 BC. Babylomian 1st Dynasty King Sabium

1603-1685 BC. Babylonian 1st Dynasty King Apilsin

1600 BC. 12th Late Egyptian Dynasty.

1585-1565 BC. Babylonian 1st Dynasty King Sinmuballit

1522-1484 BC. Babylonian 1st Dynasty King Samsuiluna

1600-1450 BC. Hyksos Period during the 13th to 17th Egyptian Dynasties, when they introduced the horse in Egypt. Chaldean zodiac.

1565-1522 BC. Babylonian Star Atlas compiled under Hammurabi, [Gen. 14:1 "Amraphel"="Ammurapi" transliterated].

1533 BC. Birth of Moses according to astronomical dating. The astronomical date verifying the birth of Moses is based on the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction cycle that also preceded the Birth of Christ, gives us firm historical footing seven centuries prior to Conventional History. Rohl dates the Birth of Moses in 1527 BC.

1484-1456 BC. Babylonian 1st Dynasty King Aiesha

birth of moses

1453-1412 BC. Moses 10 plagues on Egypt, followed by the Exodus and 40 years wandering in the wilderness. On April 10th, of 1453 BC Jupiter the king planet appears in Aries, the Passover lamb, marking the first Passover for Israel as God delivered them from bondage in Egypt via the Ministry of Moses. During this time the origin of the Tabernacle of Israel with all its furnishings, the 10 Commandments and the Pentateuch are all initiated according to God's Divine Revelation. With the Hebrew Menorah included in these Tabernacle furnishings, we have the first known heliocentric model of the Solar System. This 40 year wilderness period is completed when the Israelites cross the Jordan River into the Promised Land.

1456-1419 BC. Babylonian 1st Dynasty King Ammiditana

Old Testament Law Administration: The principles of the Old Testament Law based on the Ten Commandments and the first five books of the Bible written by Moses, plus the Book of Job, addressing the Patriarchal Administration, tell the story and set the standard by which God could bring about the redemption of man via the substitution of a blood sacrifice. In the Old Testament it was the blood of bulls and goats, but it would eventually lead to the perfect one-time sacrifice of the only begotten Son of God, the Promised Seed, King and High Priest of Israel. The Sacred Architecture of the Old Testament Tabernacle and Temple which housed the Ark of the Covenant, in the Holy of the Holies, represented the presence of God among His chosen people of that age, Israel who would engender His Only Begotten Son. Further details on this are recorded in the Psalms and Prophets of the Old Testament through Malachi. Israel was separate from the Gentile nations as indicated in the structure of the courts of the Temple and Tabernacle, where no Gentile was allowed except in the Temple's Outer Courts. The Law Administration was consummated in the ministry of John the Baptist, who acted as a transition between the Old Covenant, and as the forerunner of the Ministry of Christ.

1419-1398 BC. King Ammisaduga in Babylon's First Dynasty.

1411 BC. Joshua leads Israel in conquering Jericho, into their inheritance in the Promised Land.

1398-1362 BC. Babylonian 1st Dynasty King Samsuditana

1361 BC. Chinese Astronomers first record a lunar eclipse.

1350 BC. A 22-letter alphabet used by the Phoenicians, similar to the Hebrew's is founded. Decimal numbers used in China.

1203-1194 BC. 19th Egytian Dynasty

1200 BC. decan "Aquila" pictured as a bird in Babylon. This is the Northern Eagle depicted in the four faces of the Cherubim, in reference to the Cardinal Directions. This eagle replaced the serpent of the Tribe of Dan on the zodiac of Israel.

The following are the Egyptian Pharaoh's of the 18th Dynasty, according to David Rohl's dates based on the astronomical dating verified in the "Ugarit solar Eclipse at Sunset." This gives us firm historical footing at least 400 years prior to Conventional History.

1194-1170 BC. Pharaoh Ahmose.

1170-1150 BC. Pharoah Amenhotep

1150-1139 BC. Thutmose I

1139-1138 BC. Thutmose II

1138-1085 BC. Thutmose III

1131-1116 BC. Co-regent Hapshetsut

1085-1059 BC. Amenhotep II

1059-1050 BC. Thutmose IV

1050-1012 BC. Amenhotep III

1034 BC. Birth of David youngest son of Jesse, born in Bethlehem.

1027-1005 BC. Prophet and Judge Samuel anoints Saul Israel's first King. The Amarna Letters addressed to Pharaoh from Palestinian rulers, record the "Habiru," or the Hebrew mercenary forces under David, active during King Saul's reign.

1022-1006 BC. Akhenaten introduces monotheism into Egypt.

May 9th 1012 BC. Near sunset Ugarit Solar eclipse, happening months after the death of Amenhotep III according to the Amarna letters chronology.

1011-1007 BC. Neferneferuaten is co-regent with Akhenaten.

1006-1003 BC. Smenkhkare is co-regent with Akhenaten.

1003-995 BC. Tutankhamun is sole ruler. 

1010-931 BC. Kings David and Solomon rule Israel [I Kings 6:1]. David writes the Psalms which include knowledge of the Sun's transits, tropical borders and the obliquity cycle.

970 BC. Solomon succeeds David as King of Israel. The dates of the Hebrew Kings below, are found in Edwin Thiele's "The Mysterious Numbers of the Hebrew Kings," recording the divided monarchies of Isreal & Judah starting in 930 BC.

930 BC. The Nations of Judah and Israel are established.

930-913 BC. Rehoboam rules Judah

930-909 BC. Jeroboam rules Israel

913-910 BC. Abijah rules Judah

910-869 BC. Asa rules Judah

910-880 BC. Co-regencies

910 BC. Asa in the 20th year of Jeroboam

909-908 BC. Nadab in the 2nd year of Asa

908-886 BC. Baasha in the 3rd year of Asa 

886-885 BC. Elah in the 26th year of Asa

885 BC. Zimri reigned 7 days in the 27th year of Asa

885-880 BC. Tibni in [I Kings 16:21]

885-880 BC. Omri reigns in a divided kingdom with Tibni, in the 27th year of Asa

880-874 BC.  Omri's sole reign in the 31st year of Asa 

874-853 BC. Ahab in the 38th year of Asa
872-869 BC. Jehoshaphat rules in Judah with Asa.

869-848 BC. Jehoshaphat's sole reign after the death of Asa.

853-852 BC. Ahaziah in the 17th year of Jehoshaphat 

853-848 BC. Jehoram coregent with Ahaziah

final year of ahab's reign

853 BC. Battle of Karkar where Ahab is listed by Shalmaneser III on the "Black Obelisk," as one of the kings who opposed him in this battle. This is the final year of Ahab's reign. This provides an important historical Sychronism between Hebrew & Assyrian history. [See Edwin Thiele's "The Mysterious Numbers of the Hebrew Kings"]

852-841 BC. Joram is coregent with Ahaziah and Jehoram

850 BC. Herodotus dates Homer's writing of the Iliad and the Odessy, where 6 of the 12 Constellations of the zodiac are mentioned, including Sirius of Canis Major. These Constellations are also mentioned by Hesiod, in his writings unifying mythology.

848-841 BC. Jehoram sole reign in the 5th year of Joram

841-814 BC. Jehu rules in  Israel

841-835 BC. Athaliah rules in Judah

835-796 BC. Joash rules in Judah in the 6th year of Jehu

814-798 BC. Jehoahaz rules in Israel in the 23rd year of Joash

800 BC. Mexican Pyramids built by the Olmecs.

798-782 BC. Jehoash rules in Israel in the 37th year of Joash

796-767 BC. Amaziah rules in Judah in the 2nd year of Jehoash

793-782 BC. Jeroboam II starts coregency in Israel

792-767 BC. Azariah put on throne in Judah by the people

788-777 BC. Jeroboam II begins sole reign in Israel

776 BC. Ancient Olympic Games.

767 BC. Azariah begins sole reign in Israel the 27th year of Jeroboam II. 

763 BC. June 15th Solar Eclipse recorded in Assyrian texts, in the 10th year of King Assurdan III, providing the traditional fixed astronomical date for Assyrian history recorded in the Eponymy of Bur-Sagale.

755-745 BC. Ashur-Nirari V rules in Assyria

753 BC. Zechariah rules in Israel for 6 months in Azariah's 38th year 

752 BC. Shallum rules in Israel for 1 month in the 39th year of Azariah

752-742 BC. Menahem rules in Israel in the 39th year of Azariah

752-732 BC. Pekah rules as coregent in Israel 

750-732 BC. Jotham rules in Judah in the 2nd year of Pekah  

750 BC. Zoroaster posits the ancient dualism of good and evil as part of Zoroastrian religion. Zoroastrianism was monotheistic, prophesied of a king who would raise the dead, and transform the world into a kingdom of peace, originating from the descendants of Abraham. Babylonians record first almanacs of Lunar Cycles.

745-727 BC. Tiglath-Pileser III rules in Assyria ["Pul" in II Kgs. 15:19]

742-740 BC. Pekahiah rules in Israel in the 50th year of Azariah

740 BC. Pekah begins sole reign in Israel in the 52nd year of Azariah

738 BC. Year Eight of rule of Tiglath-Pileser III

735-715 BC. Ahaz rules in Judah in the 17th year of Pekah

732-723 BC. Hoshea rules in Israel in the 20th year of Jotham

727-722 BC. Shalmaneser V rules in Assyria

723 BC. Fall of Samaria, Kingdom of Israel ceases to exist

722-705 BC. Sargon II rules in Assyria

722-21 BC. The Babylonian Captivity of Israel is marked with Sargon II destruction of Israel's northern Kingdom. This is marked in the heavens with a scene that matches Rev. 12:1-2 with Mars, Moon and Venus all at Virgo's feet, indicative of "Jacob's trouble." 

715-686 BC. Hezekiah rules in unified Judah, reestablishing true priestly services in the Temple. Hezekiah begins coregency in Judah in Hoshea's 3rd year 

705-681 BC. Sennacherib rules in Assyria

701 BC. Sennacherib attacks Hezekiah during Hezekiah's 14th year of reign. [II Kings 18 & 20]

696-686 BC. Manasseh rules as coregent in Judah

686-652 BC. Manasseh's sole reign in Judah

687-626 BC
. Mul Apin Tablets, copies of which contained sources at least 500 years older, were kept in King Ashurbanipal's library in Nineveh of ancient Babylon, burnt in 612 BC. Sources from these tablets are the basis for the majority of conventional history of Astronomy from this period.




664 BC. Assyrians sack city of Thebes in Egypt.

642-640 BC. Amon rules in Judah

605-520 BC. The Prophet Daniel resides as Chief of Babylon's Court Astrologers and the genuine Magi, providing accurate teachings of Biblical Astronomy Principles to the predecessors of the Wise Men who would eventually seek out the prophesied Christ child.

641-609 BC. Josiah rules in Judah

626-605 BC. Nabopolassar rules in Babylon

621 BC. An eclipse is recorded on April 22nd during the 5th year of Nabopolassar's rule in Babylon.

630-619 BC. Prophet Jeremiah begins his warnings in the 13th year of Josiah. His prophetic warnings last 23 years, to the 4th year of the rule of Jehoiakim

609 BC. Jehoahaz rules for 3 months in Judah

609-598 BC. Jehoiakim rules for 11 years in Judah.

605-594 BC. Nebuchadnezzar rules in Babylon in the 3rd year of Jehoiakim

605 BC. Babylonians under Nebuchadnezzar defeat the Egyptians at the Battle of Carchemish, imposing Babylonian rule over Palestine, in the 21st year of Nabopolassar. [Dan. 1:1, Jer. 46:2,10,26]

598-597 BC. Jehoiachin rules 3 months in Judah before he's exiled to Babylon in the 8th year of Nebuchadnezzar

597-586 BC. Zedekiah rules in Judah 11 years until the fall of Jerusalem and the Babylonian Captivity 

586 BC. The fall of Jerusalem and Hebrew Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem is destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar.

585 BC. Thales of Miletus predicts a solar eclipse that occurs on May 28th.

568 BC. An eclipse is recorded in Ptolemy's Almagest on July 4th in the 37th year of Nebuchadnezzar's rule in Babylon. 

561 BC. Jehoiachin released in the 37th year of his Babylonian Captivity

539 BC. Cyrus the Great leads the Persian army in conquering Babylon. Under the Persian King's influence, the Israelites are allowed to rebuild the walls around Jerusalem.

538-530 BC. Cyrus rules Persia for 9 years according to Ptolemy's Canon.

535-515 BC. The Temple rebuilt under Zerubabel the governor of Judah.

529-522 BC. Cambyses rules Persia for 8 years according to Ptolemy's Canon.

523 BC. Ptolemy records an eclipse in the 7th year of Cambyses on July 16th, in the Almagest. Cambyses dies in 522 BC, the first year of Darius' reign.

523-522 BC. An amazing array of celestial signs starting in July of 523 BC, leading to a triple Conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn in Virgo gave the Prophet Daniel a great example to teach the Magi about the tenets of Biblical Astronomy leading up to the birth of Christ. This set of signs from late summer of 523 BC to the fall of 522 BC, in Virgo would set the stage for the signs marking the Birth of Christ in 3-2 BC in Virgo, as seen in Revelation 12:1-2.

522 BC. Darius I acceeds to Cyrus' throne, embracing the positive principles of Zoroastrianism, with the Court still under the influence of Daniel. During the reign of "Darius the Mede," the Jerusalem  temple was rebuilt, and engravings on a rock cliff ordered by him, were decoded by Sir Henry Rawlinson, a British Army Officer stationed in Persia. These writings of Darius' exploits on the "Behistun Rock," written in three ancient languages (Persian, Elamite & Babylonian) proved to be the key which unlocked the treasures of the Babylonian Language.

502 BC. An eclipse is recorded in Ptolemy's Almagest on November 19th, during the 20th year of Darius' rule in Persia. 

491 BC. Ptolemy records a lunar eclipse on April 25th in the 31st year of King Darius, according to the Almagest. Darius rules 36 years until 486 BC.

485-465 BC. Xerxes rules Persia for 21 years according to Ptolemy's Canon.

464-424 BC. Artaxerxes I rules Persia for 41 years according to Ptolemy's Canon. 

450 BC. Greek Physician Hippocratus of Cos recognizes that disease has natural causes.

432 BC. Meton of Athens, the famed ancient astronomer and namesake of the Metonic Cycle, observes the summer Solstice in Athens.

423-405 BC. Darius II rules Persia for 19 years according to Ptolemy's Canon.

404-359 BC. Artaxerxes II rules Persia for 46 years according to Ptolemy's Canon.

400 BC. Greek Philosopher Democritus develops atomic theory that all matter consists of atoms.

384 BC. Birth of Aristotle

358-338 BC. Ochus rules Persia for 21 years according to Ptolemy's Canon.

352 BC. Chinese record earliest known supernova.

350 BC. Aristotle completes his work "On the Heavens."

340 BC. Babylonian astronomer Cidenas proposes the precession of the equinoxes. Aristotle teaches geocentric cosmic harmony.

337-336 BC. Arses rules Persia for 2 years according to Ptolemy's Canon.

335-332 BC. Darius III rules Persia for 4 years according to Ptolemy's Canon.  

330 BC. Greek Mariner Pytheas of Massilia proposes that tides are caused by the Moon.

310-230 BC. Aristarchus of Samos proposes a heliocentric solar system. [270 BC]

280 BC. The Pharos lighthouse is built on an island off Alexandria, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

270 BC. Archimedes' cosmology applies the mathematics of Pi, to a rudimenatary structure of the cosmos.


240 BC. Eratosthenes accurately calculates the circumference of the Earth. Chinese astronomers make first mention of Halley's Comet, who observe it again in 87 BC.

200 BC. Archimedes' Screw is used to pump water for irrigation.

190 BC. Birth of Hipparchus of Rhodes

170-100 BC. Ptolemy- author of the Almagest Star Atlas which would dominate Astronomy until Copernicus.

150 BC. Hipparchus completes his "Commentary on Aratus and Eudoxus."

135-134 BC. A Sabbatical year according to the Hebrew Calendar.

130 BC. Hipparchus of Rhodes is given credit for "discovering" the precession of the equinoxes over 1500 years later than early Bible records in Genesis 37 make reference to it. Hipparchus put the Constellation Aries at the vernal equinox, establishing a separation between the tropical and sidereal zodiacs, which was probably applied in somewhat earlier astrological texts.

125 BC. supernova in the decan Coma, renamed "Coma Bernieces" by Roman astrologers. This is the General Sign of the Celestial Prelude, a precursor to the series of astronomical signs marking the birth of Christ.

signs marking the birth of christ

80 BC. Dating of the Antikythera Astrolabe the earliest known "computer" applying similar principles that Charles Babbage's machine used about 2000 years later. This shows a technical sophistication of the ancients far in advance of what was previously thought.

37 BC. Herod the Great begins his reign as king in Judea. 37-36 BC was also a Sabbatical year according to the Hebrew Calendar.

19 BC. Herod begins construction of the Temple in Jerusalem which takes 46 years. [John 2:20]

12 BC. Halley's Comet

7 BC. The Specific Signs of the Celestial Prelude. 8-7 BC was also a Sabbatical year according to the Hebrew Calendar.

6 BC. Opening of the Precessional Age of Pisces, marked by the signs of the Celestial Prelude. According to scholars, this opening of the Piscean Age was marked astronomically with a February massing planets in Pisces, following the triple Conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn in 7-6 BC.

planets in pisces

5 BC. Chinese (Han-Dynasty) astronomers record a Nova in Capricorn in the spring, visible for over 70 days. They also record two visible Comets in the same year.

3-1 BC. Series of astronomical signs surrounding the Birth of Christ on September 11th 3 BC, including the triple Conjunction of Jupiter-Regulus in Leo in 3-2 BC.

1 BC. Death of Herod following the total lunar eclipse starting on January 9th. This was also a Sabbatical year according to the Hebrew Calendar. Tetrarchy of Philip. Herod Antipas-Tetrarch of Galilee &  Perea.

1 BC-6 AD. Archelaus [Samaria, Judea & Idumea]

12-13 AD. First year of Tiberius Ceasar.

The Christ Administration: The unofficial start of the Jesus Christ's ministry was at his baptism by John the Baptist. This occurred in the month Shebat on the 20th, equivalent to our February 16th, of 27 AD. June of 27 AD at Pentecost, Jesus officially opens his ministry as an Apostle [Luke 4:17-21] in the Sabbatical Year of 27-28AD. On our September 20th of this "Acceptable Year of the Lord" Jesus turned 30, which was the traditional entry of Israelite males into manhood. The date on the Hebrew calendar was Tishri 1, the Anniversary of Creation according to their tradition, and the day recognized in the regnal years of the Kings of Israel. The Transfiguration occurred on Tishri 10, [Matt. 16:13-28] on Mt. Hermon. The week of April 22nd to the 30th, of 28 AD in the following year, Jesus had his two entries into Jerusalem, along with all the events leading up to the Last Supper and his Passion, and sacrifice. He became sin, who knew no sin for our sakes, and for our redemption. The promised seed and redeemer of mankind had fulfilled his God-appointed mission, setting the stage for the most glorious Age since Original Paradise, the Age of Grace, kept secret by God since the world began.

27 AD. The Sabbath of Shebat 20 (Feb. 16) Jesus is Baptised by John, and recieves the holy spirit in the form of a dove. This begins the "70 weeks determined on Israel and Jerusalem" [Dan. 9:24], 69 of which pertain directly to the ministry of Jesus Christ, [Dan. 9:25] during his first advent. Tishri 1 marked the end of the 15th year of Tiberius when Jesus started his 30th year [Luke 3:1]. Tishri 10, Day of Atonement, began a Sabbatical Year which marked Jesus' ministry as the High Priest in Israel.  

27 AD. March 27th marked the start of the 46th year of the building of the temple in Jerusalem, a sacred event recorded on the sacred Hebrew Calendar beginning in Nisan. John 2:20 was spoken at Passover.

28 AD. Nisan 14, (April 27-28th) Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, 62 weeks plus 3 days from Shebat 20 of 27 AD. Daniel 9:26 says AFTER 62 weeks (has already passed) the Messiah shall be cut off... Thus 3 days into the 63rd week, the crucifixion took place, followed 3 days later by the Resurrection.

28 AD. Iyyar 28th (June 10th),  40 days later was the Ascension [Luke 24:51].

28 AD. Sivan 8 (June 20th) 10 days later, was the Day of Pentecost, when the Apostles first spoke in tongues [Acts 2:1-4], 69 weeks from Shebat 20 of 27 AD [Dan. 9:25]. This agrees with the legal requirement that Jesus as the embodiment of the Passover Lamb, was a "lamb of the 1st year," and rules out any timeline that calculates the length of the ministry of Christ as any time longer than 2 years. The 70th week is still future, and will be fulfilled in the Book of Revelation, with the events concerning the Antichrist, following the Age of GRACE.

grace administration

The Grace Administration: Beginning on the Day of Pentecost in 28 AD, ten days following the Lord's Ascension, when the 12 apostles first spoke in tongues, they manifested the evidence of the New Birth, that was spiritually made available for the first time. Now the spiritual image of God is restored to people who believe in Christ as their personal savior, as Romans 10:9-10 states. The dwelling place of God is no longer symbolized in the Ark of the Covenant, but in the heart of the individual Christian believer, and in the Church, collectively with Christ as its Head and Chief Cornerstone [Eph. 2:20-22]. God's Word is no longer confined to Israel only, but the Gentiles are made fellow-heirs with Christ by Grace, through faith, not of works. Thus all men may share in the promises of Salvation through Christ, and his Church, where the Judeans and Gentiles are of the same Body [Eph. 3:6]. As the Church spreads the Word of Salvation over the Earth, we approach the fullness of times and the end of this age. This entire age is summarized in [I Tim. 3:16]. The current Age of Grace will be consummated when Christ Returns for his Saints at the "gathering together," to meet the believers of the Church of his Body in the air, and we will forever reside in Christ with God.

26 AD-35 AD. Pontius Pilate in Judea, he was dismissed by Vitellius to Rome by 36 AD and Marcellus was sent to govern in his place.

37 AD. Tiberius dies, Nero is born.

41 AD. Caligula murdered Jan. 24th, accession of Claudius.  Judea was added to the Tetrarchies of Philip & Antipas. 

44 AD. Herod Agrippa I, the Tetrarch dies [Acts 12:21ff]. The Apostle Paul goes to Jerusalem, Judeans and Gentiles are first called "Christians" in Antioch.  

48-49 AD. A Sabbatical year in the Council at Jerusalem [Acts 15] was held. The Apostle Paul also wrote the book of Galatians.

55-56 AD. A Sabbatical year when Paul wrote the book of first Corinthians.

60 AD. Felix' reign as Governor of Judea ends, while the Apostle Paul is bound at Caesarea, succeeded by Festus.

70 AD. Herod's Jerusalem Temple is destroyed as predicted by Christ.

100 AD. Birth of Ptolemy

139 AD. Roman historian Censorinus calculates that the Heliacal Rising of the star Sirius, the foundation of the Sothic Calendar occurred at the start of the solar year in 139 AD. As we calculate back from this date every 1,460 years we arrive at the dates of 1322, 2782, 4242 and 5702 BC. 139-140 AD was also a Sabbatical year according to the Hebrew Calendar.

150 AD. Ptolemy completes the Almagest.

365 AD. Moons of Jupiter are discovered by Chinese Astronomers. 

chinese astronomers 

827 AD. Arabic translation of Ptolemy's Almagest.

868 AD. First printed book produced in China (a Buddist Scripture).

990 AD. Andromeda Nebula is discovered by Arab astronomer Al Sufi.

1054 AD. supernova explosion in Taurus is observed by Chinese astronomers, later to become the Crab Nebula.

1066 AD. Prominent Comet sighted in connection with William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings, later called Halley's Comet.

1453 AD. Gutenburg Bible.

1472 AD. German Astronomer Johann Muller re-discovers the comet that would later be named Halley's Comet.

1517 AD. Martin Luther's "95 Theses," begin the Reformation in Europe, putting God's Word in the lanuage of the common people.

1543 AD. Copernicus lays out the heliocentric theory of planetary motion just prior to his death. He believed "the Universe had been built for us by a Supremely Good and Orderly God."

1572 AD. Tycho Brahe observes a supernova as bright as Venus, also recorded in Chinese astronomical records. His mistaken geocentric view influenced by the Church's view of the day, shows the effect of his Christian faith. Providentially, Kepler also a Christian, and partner for a time with Brahe, corrected this error using Tycho's own celestial observations and charts. [see next entry]

1592 AD. Johannes Kepler's Mysterium Cosmographicum leads the way to his development of the Laws of Planetary Motion. Kepler as a Christian stated that " the Cosmos was a sacred sermon, a hymn to God the Creator."

1600 AD. Giordano Bruno is burned at the stake as a heretic, by the Roman Catholics for supporting a heliocentric concept of the solar system.

1603-1604 AD. Kepler's Nova, the supernova he discovers in Ophiuchus. Johann Bayer's influential celestial atlas called Uranometria.

1609 AD. Galileo builds his first telescope. He saw 2 books opened to him, the Grand book of the Universe to be comprehended in the alphabet and language of mathematics, and the Second Book as the Bible. Both Books were complementary because they originated from the same Author. Kepler's "New Astronomy" sets out the Laws of Planetary Motion, considered by many the inception of modern scientific Astronomy.

1610 AD. Galileo describes his discoveries on Sunspots, Moon craters, and 4 of Jupiters Moons, disproving geocentric cosmology.

1611 AD. King James Version of the Bible.

1616 AD. Copernicus' work On the Revolution of Heavenly Bodies, is placed on the prohibited book list by the Roman Catholics

1633 AD. The Inquisition of the Roman Catholic Church forces Galileo to recant his heliocentric concept of the solar system. They did not lift their condemnation of him until 350 years after his death. They still have not lifted their condemnation of Martin Luther, over 500 years later!

1647 AD. Hevelius' Lunar Map called Selenographia.

1682 AD. Edmund Halley observes the Comet that would eventually bear his name in 1705 AD.

1686 AD. Isaac Newton presents the first volume of Principia, outlining his laws of motion and gravititation. In his book "Optics," Newton acknowlegded that God, in the beginning formed matter... from impenetrable particles of such size and proportion most conduced to their ends..." 

1705 AD. Edmund Halley predicts a returning comet which is named for him upon its return in 1758 AD.

1727 AD. Newton dies on March 20th in London.

1787 AD. Sir William Herschel discovers the planet Uranus.

1845 AD. Michael Faraday relates light to magnetism and proposes light as electromagnetism. In an 1854 lecture, speaking of the hope that is set before us..."as if man by reasoning could find out God...I have never seen anything incompatible between the things of man which can be known by the spirit of man within him, and those higher things known by the Spirit of God." 

1846 AD. Planet Neptune discovered by Galle.


1873 AD. James Clerk-Maxwell proposes the basic laws of electro-magnetism and predicts radio waves. His obit notice in Nature Magazine read:"His simple Christian faith gave him a peace too deep to be ruffled by bodily pain or external circumstances."

1905 AD. Einstein Proposes his Special Theory of Relativity. He did not believe that the Creator God "played dice" in reference to chance and probability.

1929 AD. Edwin Hubble provides scientific confirmation of an "Expanding Universe."

1930 AD. Pluto discovered by Clyde Tombaugh.

1957 AD. Soviet Union launches Sputnik I & II, Earth's first man-made satellite, launching the "Space Race."

1967 AD. The Seven-Day War in Israel, where Jerusalem once again comes under the Israeli rule, in a Sabbatical Year according to the Hebrew Calendar. The discovery of the first Pulsar by Burnell & Hewish. 

1969 AD. Apollo 11 puts Man on the Moon.


1974 AD. Soviet space probe lands on Mars.

1981 AD. First flight of the Space Shuttle Columbia.

1986 AD. Space Shuttle Challenger disaster.

1990 AD. Hubble Space Telescope deployed by Space Shuttle Discovery. Magellan space probe reaches Venus mapping 98% of its surface with radar.

1996 AD.  March 25th Comet Hyakutake crosses the Star Algol in Perseus.

1997 AD.  March Comet Hale-Bopp crosses the star Algol in Rosh Satan [Satan's head] in Perseus, at the same place Comet Hyakutake crossed the previous year to the day. A Jubilee year according to the Hebrew Calendar significant for deliverance in Israel and the 2000th anniversary year of the birth of Christ.

birth of christ

2000 AD. International Space Station gets its first working crew members.

2001 AD. On September 11th, the 2003rd Anniversary of the Birth of Christ, Muslim Terrorists attack the World Trade Center in New York, and the Pentagon in Washington D.C.

2009 AD. Sabbatical Year according to the ancient Calendar of Israel.
9-20-2009 "Day Of Trumpets" [Tishri 1]
9-29-2009 "Day of Atonement"
10-4-2009 1st Day of the Feast of Tabernacles
10-12-2009 Last Day of the Feast of Tabernacles
12-12-2009 Feast of Dedication [Hannukah]

2012 AD. The End of the World [fifth Sun or Age] according to the Mayan Long Count, on Dec. 21st with a "galactic alignment."

The Revelation Administration: The "End Times" including the Great Tribulation triggered by the "Gathering Together" [I Thess. 4:13-18], also popularly known as the "Rapture." This is the first of two phases of the personal presence of Christ Jesus, the Return of the Lord for his Saints. The lightbearers of the Age of Grace (only those believers of the Church of the Body of Christ, born and born again after the Day of Pentecost-Acts 2:1ff), are taken up to be with the Lord in our new spiritual bodies [I Cor. 15:54]. The unbelievers and those that have not heard enough to believe, in the Age of Grace, along with those of the Bride of Israel and Old Testament Believers remain unaffected by these events. This "Departure" of Believers to be with the Lord, removes the spiritual light that is the restraining force preventing the Antichrist from revealing himself on the Earth. Since this obstacle is now taken out of the way [II Thess. 2:1-17], the adversary has free reign to work his counterfeit "signs and wonders" in utter spiritual darkness. Since the Church of the Body of Christ is already with the Lord, we will not be included in the Great Tribulation on the Earth, which is a great comfort to all believers [Romans 5:9]. If we had to endure these terrible events it would not be a comfort at all! Once the believers are with the Lord, we will take part in the "Bema" Judgment-a judgment of rewards for Believer's works during the Age of Grace [II Cor. 5:10]. The events following in the Revelation Administration witness the spiritual revitalization of Israel, along with the events recorded in the Book of Revelation. The Lord will destroy the works of the Antichrist and the False Prophet along with the great Red Dragon and his seed, who will fall before the Army of Saints, the Christian Believers as we return in glory with the Lord, [Rev. 17:14, 19:11-19]. These last days of the judgments and wrath of God [I Thess. 1:10, II Thess. 1:7], which the earth has never seen the likes of before, nor ever again, will be cut short for the elect's sake. This is the Second Coming of the Lord with his Saints, to defeat that Old Serpent the Devil.

  Following this, are Two Resurrections and Judgments [John 5:28-29, Acts 24:15]. The first, the Resurrection of the Just [Rev.20:1-5], will see the Devil bound in prison for a 1000 years, starting the Lord's Millennial Reign on the Earth. During this millennium, those beheaded for the witness of Christ and God's Word, will reign with the Lord on the Earth [Rev. 20:6]. Secondly, the Resurrection of the Unjust follows the end of this Millennium on Earth, when Satan is loosed from prison to decieve the nations one last time, to provoke a final great battle [Rev. 20:7-8]. After this final defeat the Devil is cast into the Lake of Fire where the beast and false prophet are to be eternally tormented [Rev. 20:10]. With the opening of the Book of Life the unjust are judged according to their works [Rev. 20:12]. At this point the Sea also gives up its dead and Death the last enemy is destroyed [I Cor. 15:25-26, Rev. 20:15]. Along with hades-the grave, Death is cast into the Lake of Fire.

Upon the completion of all the judgments being passed and the distribution of all the rewards, and when the Kingdom of Israel is delivered unto the Heavenly Father, we will see the Third Heavens and Earth, [Rev. 21:1]. 

The Final Paradise Administration: This is the revealing of the New Jerusalem that descends from God out of heaven. In this Final Paradise the Second Heavens and Earth which we are dwelling in now, are passed away and there is no more sea [Rev. 21:1-2]. II Peter 3:10 says that our current Heavens and Earth will pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with a fervent heat. The Greek word for "elements" is Stoicheion [*G4747] meaning to put or to go in a row, one in a series. In the plural it indicates the elements or first principles of matter, the constituent atoms from which all other things proceed in order, or of which they are composed. II Peter 3:7 tells us the the Heavens and Earth which are now, are "reserved unto fire against the Day of Judgment and perdition of ungodly men." II Peter 10:11-13 says that we should be living a godly life as we look for the coming Day of God wherein "the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved and the elements shall melt with fervent heat." These New Heavens and Earth according to God's promise, are based on the principles of righteousness. With righteous principles ruling the day, God is with men [Rev. 21:3-4], and He shall wipe away all tears, and there shall be no more death, sorrow, crying or pain for the former things are passed away. It is interesting that death is the last enemy destroyed, it even "outlives" the Devil himself. This shows how the principles of Entropy are the foundation of the fruit of the activation of evil in the Garden of Eden, and they are the basis upon which chaos & random disorder was introduced into the foundations of the world. This foundation shall be burnt up as we return to the original principles of righteousness that ruled prior to Lucifer's revolt and attempted coup, and the subsequent fall of man. The Bright and Morning Star, the Prince of Life, the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last Way of Salvation back to the Father stands as the ultimate Victor, the King of Kings and subject of all prophecies of the coming redeemer of mankind are fulfilled, and thus we will ever be with the Lord. Finally Christ himself is subject unto the Heavenly Father, so that God is all in all. [ICor. 15:28]


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