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The Biblical Astronomy of the Birth of Moses


  Why did the Heavenly Father, our All-Powerful, All-Knowing and Loving God, order and arrange the heavens as He did? One major reason was He wanted His people, the human family of His own Creation, to understand Him and some of the wondrous aspects of His glory and majesty. He also wants us to be aware of the adversary, our spiritual enemy & destroyer. Perhaps most importantly, He wants to show us the panoramic view in His celestial narrative, of the deliverance made available in His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, the purpose of the ages. We have seen how the celestial record of the stars and planets in their courses contains a special oracle which supports and agrees with the truths of God’s Written Word. This celestial showcase and epistle of the Creator’s Natural Law, works according to keys and principles which will open its secrets unto us, even as Scripture does when it is rightly divided. [II Tim. 2:15]

   A central theme in God’s plan of the ages becomes evident in the triple conjunctions of Jupiter-Saturn in celestial history. As we have seen in the signs surrounding the birth of Christ, the Celestial Prelude involving the triple Conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn in 7-6 BC, was a key that unlocked the understanding of the Magi in recognizing the actual signs of Jesus’ birth in 3-2 BC. As we focus on the celestial signs surrounding the birth of Moses, a forerunner of Jesus Christ, we can witness a recurring theme involving the retrograde motion of the King planet-Jupiter, in relation to Saturn. The central theme regarding these Jupiter-Saturn unions delineates along four major interrelated Biblical lines, the first of which is spiritual warfare between the celestial powers of light vs. darkness.

    As we have seen regarding the signs surrounding the birth of Christ, Jupiter was “his star,” and proven to be the star of the Messiah, the one which the Magi followed as it led them to Jerusalem, and finally Bethlehem. As the King planet, in reference to the spiritual dominion associated with God’s second in command, it is significant to remember that Jupiter, was identified with Jesus as “King of the Judeans,” [Matt. 2:2]. Another aspect of Jesus’ celestial identity is the Morning Star, [Rev. 2:28, 22:16]. This relates to the planet Venus, significant for its morning and evening star appearances. This title of the Morning Star only occurs one other place in God’s Word, [Isa. 14:12], in reference to Lucifer, while still in his first estate, prior to his fall. As the initial bright and Morning Star, Lucifer was second only to God in authority, in the First Heavens and Earth, but his dominion over the angelic realms was stripped from him when iniquity was found in him, at his attempted coup’ in heaven. Christ has superseded him as the Morning Star, and Lucifer's former authority over the archangels Mars-Michael and Mercury-Gabriel was transferred to Christ, who is ascended and seated at the right hand of the Heavenly Father. Venus embodies the original ministry of the Bright and Morning Star, which was delivered to Christ Jesus after Lucifer lost it, because he was unworthy to retain it. Yet Jesus as the King of Kings, and the ascendant Morning Star, embodies much more authority than Lucifer did in the First Heavens and Earth, since man was as yet uncreated. One facet of the symbolism of the planet Venus signifies this angelic spiritual dominion as the “covenant angel named wonderful,” [Judges 13:18]. This reveals a second Biblical element of the theme of Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions-Lucifer/Satan as the fallen Morning star. God has chosen to relate the narrative of this theme of the fallen Lucifer to us, with multiple celestial figures.
   One of these powerful celestial figures we already have seen in the Meteor shower, which began just prior to the Birth of Jesus Christ. This particular Draconid Meteor Shower, which took place in September of 3 BC, had its radiant from the star Eta-Draconis in the dragon Constellation Draco at the Celestial North Pole. Since the star Eta Draconis is located in the dragon’s tail, being only one star removed from the star in former times at the north pole-Thuban in the dragon’s body, it is linked uniquely with the symbolic dominion of the dragon, both as the original Morning Star, & the god of this world [II Cor. 4:4], after his fall. As we found in our research of this dragon star, a key relation to the planet Saturn, was found in that, the star Eta-Draconis was unique in its regular transit across the Meridian at midnight of May 23rd, for over 1500-years, that was documented by the Mayans in their astronomical texts. This "Dragon calendar" is shown below as it appears in the "Madrid codex."


  This transit came only three days prior to the first Jupiter-Saturn union on May 27th of 7 BC, as part of the Celestial Prelude to the May 19th, 3 BC Mercury-Saturn union, which began the actual signs that marked the birth of Christ. This not only provided another conclusive celestial link between the signs of 7-5 BC and 3-1 BC, but also tied the celestial events in Draco at the north-pole, to the Jupiter-Saturn unions on the ecliptic, in the context of Precession. These links between the planet Saturn and the star Eta-Draconis emphasize the original dominion of the dragon, especially his temporal lordship, at the pinnacle of Creation, while the Meteor shower depicts the dragon cast down at sunset, signifying the twilight of the radiance of this spiritual dominion. 

  This brings us to a third ruling aspect of the central theme of Jupiter-Saturn triple conjunctions in celestial history, the phenomena of Precession. As we have seen, in the precession of the equinoxes, the Celestial Prelude of 7-6 BC, coincided with the dawning of the Precessional Age of Pisces, announcing the birth of Christ, three years later. These individual 2160-year ages in the grand ruling cycle of Precession, represent one aspect of the spiritual significance of precession as it relates to the Jupiter-Saturn unions. There also is an apparent symbolic correlation between precessional ages and spiritual administrations, which we can get an idea of in the Try-God Timeline. The Ages of the precession of the equinoxes relate more to the return of the galactic cycle, as seen in the coming alignment of our solar system with the Galactic Center of the Milky Way, in Sagittarius in the next few years. This is linked to the popularity of 2012 in Mayan Astrology. Once the implications of Biblical Astronomy are ascertained regarding the significance of the 12 Signs of the zodiac, we can apply this theme to the precessional age in question, to gain additional spiritual insight into the message of the celestial showcase. Formerly, these precessional ages were considered almost exclusively from the viewpoint of Astrology, whose corrupting influence has muddied the pure waters of Biblical Astronomy. Only the Biblical perspective reveals the true meaning of the witness of the stars, as God first intended, never the “black astrological arts.” Another element of a spiritual view of the precession, is the precession of the poles, evident in the transition of the North-Star from Thuban of Draco, to Polaris of Ursa Minor, over the last 5000 years. This is another powerful indicator of the fall of Lucifer, as the rise of the new Morning Star takes place. The Star Thuban is seen below, as the star positioned at the intersection of the two polar circles on the left.

dragon poles

  This brings us to the fourth major aspect of these Jupiter-Saturn unions, and how they ultimately recognize, and point towards the birth of the Promised Seed, Jesus Christ, the purpose of the ages. As we will see in even greater detail regarding the signs surrounding the birth of Moses, God set the celestial orbs in their coordinated paths to witness to His glory, and the arrival of Jesus, His only begotten Son. All Nature stands, to honor and recognize this long awaited and sought for, Day of the Promised Seed. All human kind will ultimately bow to the majestic authority of Jesus Christ our Promised Seed. All Creation will soon worship the glory of the King of Kings, or come to nought.

   The Jupiter-Saturn triple union marking the birth of Moses took place over a two-year period from 1536-1535 BC. The Israelites traditionally recognized the importance of Jupiter-Saturn celestial unions, and even as they believed these signs would precede the birth of Jesus, so they held the same belief regarding the birth of Moses. The first of three Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions during this period took place on June 25th 1536 BC. The second Conjunction occurred on July 11th of 1536 BC, followed by the third union on January 4th of 1535 BC. In this study we will consider, in detail, over 35 noteworthy celestial signs surrounding these three major unions of Jupiter-Saturn during this period, along with secondary signs of significance and their Biblical ramifications. Not only did all three of these Jupiter-Saturn unions take place in the Constellation Taurus the Bull, but Jupiter and Saturn remain for the most part, stationed in Taurus for nearly this entire two-year period.

taurus in its biblical significance

   The general meaning of Taurus in its Biblical significance is the coming Judge and Ruler. This meaning is preserved in ancient Egyptian Astronomy and their pagan star religion, as the Apis Bull. Apis referred to the head or chief savior, who was associated with Isis in the ancient Egyptian cult of the Bull, and was also another name for Saturn. Let’s take a moment to inspect some of the root structure of the Apis Bull cult, seen also as the “golden calf” idol adopted by the Israelites in the wilderness, as they tired awaiting Moses’ return from the mountaintop, and take note of its cultural influence exerted in the pages of history. The following paraphrase from Oakes & Gahlin, reveals the connection between Isis and the Apis Bull in Egyptian star mythology, which unveils the back-drop that influenced the pagan concept of a Trinitarian Godhead throughout the ancient world.

 “Isis tended to be represented as a woman with a throne or solar disc between Cow’s horns… She was also frequently depicted with huge sheltering wings, and as part of the Ennead of Heliopolis, was consort to Osiris and mother of Horus, she appeared in the triad {trinity} of deities worshipped at Abydos. As the Isis-cow which gave birth to the sacred Apis Bull of Memphis, her following eventually spread beyond Egypt, to Syria, Palestine, Greece, and throughout the whole Roman Empire, where she was worshipped until well into Christian times.”1 {emphasis and parenthesis mine}

   Oakes and Gahlin continue as they relate the history and the discovery of mummified Apis-Bull remains at the Serpaeum: “Each of the sacred animals was regarded during its lifetime, as the representation on Earth of the deity Apis (a manifestation of Ptah, the creator-god of Memphis) and was kept in a special stall near its temple.”2

  Contributing to the spread of Isis’ influence around the Greco-Roman world, we find this “Egyptian cult of Osiris-Apis transferred from Memphis to Alexandria, where the god was called Serapis. He was given the form of a Greek god, but embodied both Greek and Egyptian deities: he was not only Osiris-Apis, but also Zeus, Dionysus, Hades, and Askelpios. Serapis was the god of the underworld, a healing god, a god of fertility, and also the protector of sailors.”3 (p.231) 

   This quote provides strong support, pointing out the powerful influence that the Astrology and heathen star religions of Egypt and the ancient world, had on the worldview of ancient, & even modern religions. The ancient Greek Trinity consisted of Zeus, Athena and Apollo, while the Roman version was composed of Jupiter, Mercury and Venus. The ancient Babylonian Trinity consisted of the Morning Star-Venus, the Moon and the Sun. The heathen astrological traditions seen here, influenced the early Christian Church as many ancient pagans converted to Christianity, but did not fully  alter their old heathen practices. Also sects like the Gnostics, for example, set the stage for modern Christian adaptations of Trinitarian dogma, that hold Jesus’ physical body was only borrowed temporarily, like the body of Horus-Osiris. Added to this pagan Trinitarian concept of god, we should also notice that the structure and role-relationship of the mother-goddess Isis, as the consort of Osiris and mother of Horus, is the typical pattern adopted into Roman Catholic traditions of Mary, as the “mother of God,” seen also in Hathor, the Egyptian “queen of heaven,” as Jeremiah called her namesake [Jer. 7:18, 44:17-19, 25]. Hislop confirms this background in the following statement:

”-Osiris, in Egypt, is represented at different times, not only as the son and husband of Isis, but also as her father and brother4 (Bunsen vol. 1, p. 438); then secondly, whatever the deified mortals might be before deification, on being deified they came into a new relationship. On the apotheosis of husband and wife, it was necessary for the dignity of both, that both alike should be represented as of the same celestial origin…”5 [emphasis mine]

  This is some of the cultural and religious background leading up to the Nicean Councils of both 325 and 385 AD, where the Trinitarian concept of the Christian Godhead was adopted under the political expediency of the rule of Rome’s Emperor Constantine. This is significant history to be cognizant of as we proceed in our study, especially since we have already noted, in connection with the Dendera zodiac where a celestial cow with a bright star, or the Sun between her horns, was the hieroglyphic symbol for the star Sirius, also tied to the etymological structure for the word O-siris. The central importance of the Sothic Calendar in ancient Egypt, as the first historical 365-day calendar, has already been discussed in this connection, as it related initially to the Nile’s flooding seasons, along with the solar cycle. These three calendars of the Sun, the star Sirius and the Nile’s flood seasons, tied the key temporal cycles of Nature together in Egypt, regulating all life, religion and culture. Once the older astrological gods of the lunar calendar were overlaid on this calendar matrix, it kept the oldest astrological gods of the Egyptians, presiding over the entire temporal order of their Empire. A similar dynamic is found in connection with the Mayan culture and Astrology, which we have previously discussed in connection with the Eta-Draconid Meteor showers.
  Another significant aspect of the authority of the Morning Star is seen as “Time Lord.”  This relates to what we referred to as the calendar matrix, just discussed above. In the star religions and pagan Astrology of the ancients, this title was embodied in Kronos, the god of time. Hislop states: “The name Kronos, as the classical reader is well aware, is applied to Saturn as the Father of the gods… Kronos signifies the ‘horned one,’ as a horn is a well known oriental symbol of power or might.”6 [p.32 emphasis mine]

  Hislop documents how this concept was assimilated in ancient Nineveh, in a “horned man-bull,” worshipped as an Assyrian divinity. This is also revealed in Hebrew word origins because the Hebrew word for “bull,” or “ruler” is Shur, which in the Chaldee, becomes Tur. From this word Tur, in the sense of a ruler, we get Turannus, giving us a “tyrannical” ruler. But from Tur, in the sense of a Bull, we get the Latin, Taurus.7
  This brief discourse gives us a case in point of the corrupting influence of Astrology from ancient to modern times. It also illustrates the central position of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions in this process. However, as we strip away these false astrological veneers and ancient heathen idols, we can restore to a great degree, the original beauty of the starry witness as God intended it to be. Those who endeavor to study the heavens with the idea of revealing the corrupt practices of the ancient heathen star religions, will never plumb the depths of the Creator’s Omniscient Wisdom contained in His order of the Heavens. But as we allow the heavens to speak in unison with God’s Written Word, the glorious and matchless majesty unveiled will be truly breathtaking. As we study the signs leading up to Moses’ birth, we will notice how the celestial oracles not only set the context of events leading to his birth, but they will also point out key aspects of his ministry, which undeniably identifies Moses in the unique things he accomplished as the Lawgiver, & Forerunner of Jesus Christ. With this in mind, let’s proceed with our study of the celestial signs surrounding the birth of Moses, starting in 1536 BC.

The Signs of 1536 BC

1. January 11th, 1536.  Venus the Morning Star is partially occulted by the Moon in Sagittarius. Here the approaching victorious Morning Star is partially covered by the Crescent Moon, in an attempt by the enemy to obscure its immanent defeat to the forces of light. This lunar occultation also directs our attention to a series of lunar signs that permeate the celestial showcase marking Moses’ birth. Mercury-Gabriel is in Capricorn, relating the sufferings of Christ, foreshadowing the Passover Lamb sacrifice, which Moses would install as a holy feast in the O.T. Law. Thus in the first two aspects of these initial signs marking the birth of Moses, we are shown the sufferings and glory of the Lord, but not the mystery of the Age of Grace between these events, only prophesied of indirectly, both in the O.T. Scriptures, and the Stars.
We never see the sufferings mentioned apart from the glory of Christ in the Scriptures, and we expect the same in the Stars. Mars-Michael is in Libra, exhibiting the conflict endured by the Passover lamb, as he paid the ultimate price to cover for man’s sin. This also relates to the sufferings of the promised seed, and implies Moses’ struggle to lead the stiff-necked nation of Israel out of bondage, to institute their Holy Law.

2. March 17th, 1536 BC.  Massing of the Planets Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury in Aries. Mercury-Gabriel announces the appearance of Jupiter-Saturn in Aries, the Lamb. This in effect, serves as a prelude to the first Jupiter-Saturn union in Taurus, three months later. This union of the King planet-Jupiter in Aries on the positive side, illuminates the King planet in association with the Passover Lamb of God, coming to supplant what is negatively emphasized with Jupiter-Saturn here, the adversary’s emnity as god of this world, to the Lawgiver and forerunner of the Passover Lamb. As the Deliverer of Israel, Moses was a forerunner of the Lord Jesus Christ, and a type of Savior. As the Lawgiver, He instituted the feast of the Passover lamb in Israel, as part of the 10th plague pronounced on Egypt, immediately after which Israel was released from bondage by Pharaoh. Mars-Michael remains in Libra, during this second sign marking Moses’ birth, complementing the redemptive truths that we find here in the sign Aries, relating to the Passover lamb. The archangel Mars-Michael symbolizes the conflict between the Lamb of God and the god of this world as we see them juxtaposed, throughout these signs of 1536 BC, pointing out Michael’s allegiance with the forces of light, against the forces of darkness. The Sun/daystar is found in Aries/Pisces while Venus the Morning Star is in Pisces/ Sagittarius. With the Sun in Aries, close to the spring equinox, we see a potential precessional marker for the Age of Aries, during which the birth of Moses took place, looking toward the coming Piscean Age, marking the birth of Jesus Christ the ascendant Morning Star. We also find during this sign, the first in a series of lunar occultations of the red star of the Bull’s eye-Aldebaran, in Taurus. Here the lesser light ruling the night attempts to obscure the vision and coming judgment of the true and righteous Man-Bull, Jesus Christ. It also carries more immediate implications for the birth of the Lawgiver Moses. This dual theme depicting the participants in the war in heaven, will run as a consistent thread through many of these signs surrounding the birth of Moses, which will be pointed out in various ways as they arise.

3. May 8th, 1536 BC. Jupiter-Venus are in Conjunction during the next massing of planets in Taurus. Here the theme of planetary massing, previously in Aries now moves to Taurus the Bull, in the third sign of the birth of Moses, with the bright and Morning Star-Venus in union with the King planet-Jupiter, signifying the coming judgment of the King of Kings-Jesus Christ, embodied in his forerunner and Lawgiver Moses. Added to the previous massing of planets on March 17th, was the Morning Star-Venus, following Jupiter-Saturn’s appearance in Aries with Mercury-Gabriel. The messenger archangel announces both the planetary massing and the union of Jupiter-Venus, representing the unity of the forces of light aligned against the minions of darkness. Joining this massing of planets in Aries is the Moon, aligned with the enemy, continuing her enmity in the previous lunar occultation in Taurus.

4. May 11th, 1536 BC. Planetary alignment of Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Mercury and the New Moon in Taurus. The Sun/daystar also appears in Taurus between the horns of the Bull. This is the first appearance of a celestial body between the Bull’s horns during these signs, a significant aspect of this narrative which we will see again. Here again we find the celestial powers united against the enemy, and his forces of darkness, witnessed here with the second lunar occultation of the Bull’s eye in Taurus. The continuing theme of the enmity of the forces of darkness is seen here in Saturn, along with the series of lunar occultations of the star Aldebaran, against the aligned forces of light in Taurus. [Mars?]

5. May 13th, 1536 BC. Jupiter-Saturn are in union in Taurus, while Venus & Mercury continue their planetary alignment in the sign of Taurus the Bull. The Sun remains between the Bull’s horns, joined now by the New Moon, just beneath the daystar. Here we see the enemy reasserting his power as god of this world [II Cor. 4:4], on the negative side, while the ultimate victory of the ascendant Bright and Morning star is joined by the celestial powers of light. As we noted in the introduction, this theme of war in heaven signified by the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction cycles throughout history, is a consistent thread of truth running throughout the celestial tapestry of Biblical Astronomy, which we will see consistently throughout this set of signs marking the birth of Moses. [Mars?]

*6. June 25th, 1536 BC. The first Conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn in Taurus. This is the first of the three primary unions between Jupiter-Saturn in Taurus within the two-year period of 1536-1535 BC. During this planetary Conjunction in Taurus, Mercury-Gabriel is in Leo, approaching the King star-Regulus, where they would unite three days later on the 28th of June, in the Lion of the tribe of Judah. Like the triple union of Jupiter-Saturn in 7-5 BC, this triple union in 1536-1535 BC is also highlighted by Jupiter’s retrograde motion. Venus, the bright and morning star is found in Gemini, occulting the star Waset, as an indicator of the Lord’s stedfast endurance of his sufferings to reach his glory, seen in his coming first in humiliation, and second in triumph. The Sun/daystar, is found near the Southern Ass in the sign Cancer, establishing the theme of the sufferings and glory of the Lord, an important Biblical theme which is marked initially with Moses’ setting down of the O.T. Law during his ministry to deliver Israel from bondage. Cancer is one of the primary Constellations, whose original star-picture has been altered over the ages, due to the corrupting influence of Astrology and the ancient pagan star religions. We have already seen some of the history of this adulteration in other areas of the Try-God website, relating to the stars of the Northern and Southern Ass in Cancer, which was first depicted in the Hebrew zodiac, not as a crab, for which there is no Hebrew word, but as an Ass. [Gen. 49:14-15]

7. July 4th, 1536 BC. Jupiter- Saturn remain in Taurus, as the third lunar occultation  of Aldebaran-the eye of the Bull, by the Crescent Moon, in this series occurs. Here once again, we see the enemy attempting to obscure the view of the coming righteous judge, doing every-thing in his power to oppose the forces of light. As we have seen in our web-site study of the Hebrew calendar, the Moon many times is an indicator of the movements of the serpent’s seed behind the scenes, opposed to the Creator’s plans. During the time of Moses’ birth, a new Pharaoh, had come to power in Egypt, who was not sympathetic to the welfare of Israel, as the previous Pharaoh had been to Joseph and his family. He began a systematic effort to “control” the male population amongst the Hebrews, by killing the baby Hebrew boys at birth. This was one manifestation of the serpent’s efforts to blot out the genetic line which would bear the seed promised by God in Genesis 3:15, going a long way towards the explanation of the “persecution of the Judeans” in history. We also witnessed a similar effort during the birth of birth of Christ in Israel, carried out by the serpent’s seed Herod. Venus the bright & Morning Star, remains in Gemini, as does the Sun in Cancer, continuing the theme of the Lord’s sufferings and glory, beginning in Moses. Here we can see the protection of the Heavenly Father over those who carry out His plans and purposes, even before they themselves are aware of them. God worked in Pharaoh’s own royal house, to protect Moses as a young child, so that he would have the proper upbringing, not to mention the best education that was available at the time, to equip Moses for his important ministry work. 

*8. July 11th, 1536 BC. The second of three Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions in Taurus, in 1536-1535 BC. This is marked by an Annular solar eclipse at sunrise in Leo, approaching Regulus-the king star. This continues the theme of the enmity symbolized in the lunar activity, to the coming victorious reign of the Lion of the tribe of Judah. Venus the bright and Morning Star is approaching the occultation of the Southern Ass in Cancer. With this Sunrise lunar eclipse taking place concurrent with the second Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction, we can see a dual emphasis on the forces of darkness exerting their dominion to oppose the forces of light. It is worthy to note that the second Jupiter-Regulus Conjunction in Leo, in 3-2 BC, also had a decidedly negative theme, with a strong emphasis on the workings of the serpent’s seed.

9. July 12th, 1536 BC. At 7:10 pm the next evening, the lunar occultation of Regulus, in Leo takes place. This continues the lunar activity of the previous sign, and foreshadows a series of lunar occultations of the king star-Regulus during the signs of 3-2 BC, surrounding the birth of Christ. Venus is approaching a near occultation of the Southern Ass in Cancer, providing a dual emphasis on the sufferings of the Morning Star/King-Star in conflict with the minions of darkness, leading up to the union of Venus-Regulus in the next sign.

10. July 29th, 1536 BC.  The Conjunction of Venus with the king star-Regulus in Leo. Here the bright and morning star unities with the king star in the Lion of the tribe of Judah, as a prophecy of the promised seed. Jupiter-Saturn remain in Taurus, with the Moon in Aries. [Mars/Mercury?]

11. September 11th, 1536 BC. The triangular union of Venus, Spica/Al Zemach, and the Sun in Virgo. Mercury-Gabriel is also in Virgo, close to the star Porrima, and the Moon is in Scorpius. With the Morning Star/daystar clothing Virgo in unity with the Star Spica, representing the 4-D ministry of the promised seed Jesus Christ as King, Servant, Son of Man and Son of God, on the day of the birth of Christ, 1533 years prior, we have a significant indicator of Moses, a fore-runner of Christ in these four significant aspects of his ministry. As the Lawgiver, Moses embodies the O.T. Law as Jesus did the Word of God for Israel. Moses instituted the Passover sacrifice, which was fulfilled in the ministry of Christ. Moses was also the Deliverer of Israel, leading them out of bondage, as Christ delivered them from the bondage and letter of the O.T. Law, which only he could fulfill. And finally, Moses was an Apostle for Israel shedding new spiritual light for his nation, even as Christ was the Apostle, bringing the new light of the Kingdom of Heaven to Israel.
   Mars-Michael is in Sagittarius at the star Nunki, indicating the glorified nature of the conqueror, as Prince of the Earth. The Moon is also in Scorpius, unified with the Scorpion, stinging the heel of the Man of God-Ophiuchus, in his struggle against the serpent-Serpens. The archangel-Michael is allied in the coming victory over the minions of darkness, embodied in the ministry of Christ. The 4-D ministry of Moses/ Christ, here is reflected in the Cardinal Directions of the heavens, and opposed by the four celestial serpents set against these aspects of the ministry of the promised seed. The activity of this sign focused around the star Spica is also intriguing, in that Spica/ AlZemach is what is known as a “spectroscopic binary," or one of those stars which the spectroscope shows to be attended by an invisible companion of enormous Mass. Spica’s dark companion revolves about it in a close orbit, making a complete revolution in the remarkably short period of 4-days.”8 [W.T. Olcott p.387]
  These physical characteristics of this important star of the Messiah illustrate a truth which agrees with a major theme of the witness of the stars. The light of the world is ever-shadowed by his nemesis, the spirit of antichrist, who is constantly at work through the ages [II Thess. 2:3-8]. Jupiter & Saturn remain in Taurus as they do for the majority of these signs surrounding the birth of Moses.

12. October 13th, 1536 BC. Mercury and Venus in Scorpius as the Messenger-archangel Gabriel allied with the Bright and Morning Star, heralds the victory over the Scorpion. This theme of the union between Mercury and Venus dominates the following signs of 1536, through November. Mars-Michael is in Capricorn, set against the half Moon as an emphasis on the bruising of the man’s heel [Gen. 3:15], as he laid down his life, the perfect sacrifice for Israel, and later the Gentiles. With the Sun/Daystar and light of the world, in Libra here, we see more support for this theme that Christ was the only one who could pay the price to redeem mankind. Jupiter and Saturn remain in Taurus.

13. November 7th 1536 BC. Venus, Mercury and the Moon are in Sagittarius. Here the Morning Star and Gabriel remain unified in the promised victory over the enemy and his dark minions. Mars-Michael remains in Capricorn at the star Deneb Al Gedi, referring to the coming sacrifice. As the forerunner of Christ, Moses set the standard as the Lawgiver who instituted the sacrifice of the Passover lamb. This was embodied in the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ, as he fulfilled every jot and tittle of the O.T. Law. Mars-Michael in Capricorn indicates the conflict that Moses would first endure to lead the nation of Israel out of bondage with the institution of the Law, setting the stage for the ultimate conflict that Jesus would endure to fulfill it. The Sun/ daystar is in Ophiuchus putting emphasis on the victory of the man over the serpent, in their struggle for the Crown of Creation-Corona. Jupiter and Saturn remain in Taurus.

14. November 11th, 1536 BC. Mercury and Venus remain in Sagittarius, with the Moon in occulting both Mars and the star Deneb Al Gedi in Capricorn, showing the enmity of the dark forces opposing their coming demise, with all their efforts. These efforts were clearly seen in the attempt on the life of the infant Moses by Pharaoh, even as Herod’s attempt on the life of Jesus came 1533 years later. These Mass murderers who got into a position of political leadership, and worldly prestige are only minor actors leading up to the embodiment of evil-the antichrist, who will take power in the not too distant future. In spite of the efforts of the serpent’s seed to resist his doom, nothing can stop his inexorable destruction, which is indicated again in the position of Sun/daystar in Ophiuchus, showing Christ’s ultimate victory, which is already in the books. Jupiter and Saturn remain in Taurus.

15. November 20th, 1536 BC. Mercury-Venus are in Conjunction in Sagittarius, with the Sun also in Sagittarius. Mercury-Gabriel and Venus the Bright and Morning Star are united with the victorious light of the Daystar in Sagittarius, signifying the conquering and glorious Return of our Lord in victory over the forces of darkness. Mars-Michael is in Aquarius, while Jupiter and Saturn remain in Taurus during this sign.  

16. December 6th, 1536 BC. A Total lunar eclipse occurs in Sagittarius, heralded by Mercury-Gabriel. This seems to be a direct response by the forces of darkness, attempting to cover and obscure the light of the Daystar, shed forth in Sagittarius in the previous sign. Venus the bright and Morning Star is found in Capricorn here, signifying the sufferings of the sacrifice that the Passover lamb would have to endure to redeem Israel, and all Mankind. Thus we see both the sufferings and glory of the Lord represented here, as we do throughout the signs leading to the birth of Christ. As in the previous sign, Mars is still in Aquarius with Jupiter-Saturn remaining in Taurus. Since Jupiter and Saturn maintain their position in Taurus throughout these signs of 1536-1535BC, we should note that as a consistent celestial backdrop and common element to all these signs, they also form a dual symbolism of one of the major themes we pointed out in our introduction: the theme of light vs. darkness. This is a theme that continues unto this day, and even beyond the victorious return of the Lord.   

The Signs of 1535 BC.

17. Jan. 4th 1535 BC. This marks the Third Conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn in Taurus marking the birth of Moses, completing the triple Conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn in Taurus in 1536-1535 BC. This sign is highlighted by a total lunar eclipse in Capricorn, along with the lunar occultation of both the stars Nashira, and Deneb Al Geidi, denoting the coming sacrifice in Capricorn. Again, we can see this as an attempt to obscure the light of the coming lamb of God, by the forces of darkness. We should notice that, it was Moses the Lawgiver who instituted the precedent of the Passover Lamb in Israel, as part of their deliverance from bondage in Egypt, which was fulfilled in Christ, who embodied every aspect of the Passover Lamb, as he fulfilled the entire OT Law. This imagery is supported here with Mars in Pisces, showing Michael fighting for, and protecting Israel against the Egyptians. Pisces two fish represent the two houses of Israel and Judah, as they are fastened to the neck of Cetus the adversarial sea monster, in the sky pictures of the ecliptic and the Celestial Equator. The enemy is always opposing the will of God in any and every way he can. We also find Venus the bright and Morning Star in Aquarius during this sign, showing the spiritual light of Israel’s deliverer embodied in the birth of Moses. Aquarius the water bearer represents the pouring out of holy spirit upon Gods people, which during the Patriarchal Age was largely done with individual men of God. This changed however with Moses, as he ministered to Israel. Here we have the first instance where God’s spirit was poured out among the group of the 70 elders of Israel. This foreshadows the Church in the Age of Grace, where God is able to abundantly minister His spirit via the new birth to all who believe.

18. 2-8-1535 BC.  Mars-Venus are in Conjunction in Aries, showing Michael the Warrior archangel in union with the bright and Morning star while the institution of the Passover sacrifice is enacted, to effect Israel’s release from bondage, as seen in Aries. We also see Mercury and the Sun in Pisces, indicating God’s presence among His chosen people during their wilderness wanderings. God lead Israel through the wilderness with His presence in and around the Ark of the Covenant, which rested in the holy of the holies in the Tabernacle that Moses built according to God’s revealed plan. The Passover was a prominent aspect of the Tabernacle ceremonies connected with Aaron’s Priesthood, which also included the inception of the Sabbatical cycle in Israel’s calendar. Another aspect of Jupiter-Saturn in Taurus during this two year period is that the view of the Judge/ Lawgiver as seen first in Moses & ultimately in Christ, is continually and systematically being blocked by the repeated lunar occultation series of Aldebaran, the Bull’s eye in Taurus. This forms a definite sub-theme that illustrates the conflict between light and darkness we have referred to before. This sign marks the fourth occultation of Aldebaran in Taurus, during these signs marking the birth of Moses. As we take note of the related lunar signs like eclipses and other occultations, we will notice a pattern developing that supports the theme we are advocating in this study.

19. 3-4-1535 BC. Triangular Massing of Planets Jupiter, Saturn & Venus in Taurus. Also Mercury-Gabriel is in Aries during this time, while the Sun and Moon are found in Pisces. Once again we can see the theme of light vs. darkness evident in this sign as Mercury-Gabriel heralds the coming of the Passover instituted by Moses in the OT Law, and ultimately the Passover Lamb fulfilled in Christ. This is supported by the Sun and Moon in Pisces, signifying the light of God’s presence in Israel, via Moses’ ministry. On the other hand, we see the enemy asserting his power in the bondage of Egypt, and the trials of the wilderness, which the great majority of Israel succumbed to, since that generation did not enter the promised land. Interestingly, we have Mars located at the equinox position, exactly between Aries and Taurus on the ecliptic, fighting for and protecting the work and ministry of Moses for Israel as the Lawgiver, seen in Aries.

20. 3-7-1535 BC. The Triangular massing of planets continues in Taurus, as in the previous sign, this time with the addition of the fifth occultation of Aldebaran, the Bull’s eye in Taurus, by the Crescent Moon. Till now we have viewed these lunar coverings of Aldebaran in a general sense of obscuring the light of the coming judge, in that Taurus means the coming ruler. But in light of Moses being the Lawgiver, Aldebaran could also refer to the coming of Moses himself as the judge and leader of Israel during his ministry, since Aldebaran means leader or governor. Thus the series of lunar occultations of Aldebaran, takes on a more specific connotation in this light. Mercury remains in Aries as in the previous sign, as the Sun is still in Pisces.

21. 3-13-1535 BC. There is a massing and alignment of Planets in Taurus: Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. Here, Mars moves past the equinox position between Taurus and Aries, and joins the other planets massing in Taurus. Mercury remains in Aries and the Sun in Pisces, with similar significance as in the previous signs. Here we can see the archangel Michael united with the Bright and Morning Star and the King planet Jupiter against the enemy, continuing the theme of light vs. darkness.

22. 3-28-1535 BC. Triangular massing of Jupiter-Mars-Saturn in Taurus, with Mars stationed between Jupiter and Saturn defying the enemy’s claim to kingship. Venus is found between the Bull’s Horns in Taurus. Both the Sun and Mercury are found in Aries during this sign, as Gabriel heralds the presence of God’s Shekinah glory in Israel, via the ministry of Moses, embodied in the Passover and God’s Tabernacle.

23. 4-3-1535 BC. Jupiter and Mars are in Conjunction in Taurus, showing the unity of the king planet with the archangel Michael, against the forces of darkness as seen in the Moon crossing Saturn, along with the sixth lunar occultation of Aldebaran during the early morning hours of the April 4th. The Sun is in the spring equinox position in Aries along with Mercury-Gabriel, heralding the deliverer and Passover lamb. Venus is in Gemini.

24. 4-26-1535 BC. A massing of planets continues in Taurus with Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and the Sun rising between Jupiter-Saturn at dawn. Here the light of God evident in the Daystar comes between the enemy’s claim to kingship, as both Jupiter and Mars are found between the Bull’s horns, in judgment against, and separate from Saturn. Mercury remains in Aries and Venus is still in Gemini.   

25. 5-1-1535 BC. Mercury joins the planetary massing in Taurus, along with the Sun, Jupiter and Mars still between the Bull’s horns, separate from Saturn in Taurus. This massing of planets is marked by the 7th  lunar occultation of Aldebaran in Taurus. Venus has moved into Cancer during this sign.

26. 5-9-1535 BC. Mercury and Saturn are in Conjunction in Taurus, with Jupiter and the Sun still between the Bull’s Horns, in judgment of Saturn. The sentence of judgment is delivered by Mercury-Gabriel. Venus in still in Cancer occulting the star of the Northern Ass [Asselus Boreas]. This shows the bright and Morning Star protecting the Northern flocks of the house of Israel. Mars has moved into Gemini, indicating the dual purpose of both the sufferings and glory that would highlight the ministry of Christ, as seen also in Moses’ ministry.

27. 5-15-1535 BC. Jupiter and Mercury are in Conjunction in Taurus, between the Bull’s Horns. Mercury-Gabriel stands in unity of judgment with the king planet, against Saturn, still in Taurus. Venus is still in Cancer with Mars also in Gemini.

28. 5-25 to 28-1535 BC. On the 25th of May we find Mercury at the star Mebsuta in Gemini. The name of this star, means treading underfoot, in reference to the completed work of the ultimate defeat of the enemy that Christ has already accomplished. On the 27th of May we see Mercury and Mars in Conjunction in Gemini, with the Sun also in Gemini. Here we see the unity of the archangels in Gemini, participating in the finished work of the defeat of the enemy, who stands claiming kingship with Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon all in Taurus. This unity of the forces of darkness is emphasized by the 8th lunar occultation of Aldebaran in Taurus on the 28th of May.

29. 6-22-1535 BC. Mercury and Regulus are in Conjunction in Leo, showing the unity of Gabriel heralding the king star, as it is opposed to the forces of darkness seen in Saturn claiming kingship with Jupiter in Taurus, between the Bull’s horns. This most likely is the official announcement by Gabriel of the upcoming birth of Prince Moses in the next few months. We also find Venus, Mars and the Sun all in Cancer at this time, signifying the protection of the Daystar, the bright and Morning Star and Michael the warrior archangel over the flocks of Israel.   

30. 6-25-1535 BC. This is a special day of lunar signs that begins with the 9th lunar occultation of Aldebaran in Taurus, followed only 10 hours later by a lunar occultation of Saturn in Taurus. Venus, Mars & the Sun remain in Cancer, with Mercury still in Leo. Jupiter is with Saturn between the Bull’s Horns in Taurus, showing the enemy still claiming kingship.

31. 7-1-1535 BC. There is a lunar occultation of Regulus, with Mercury still in Leo. Saturn still claims kingship with Jupiter between the Bull’s horns in Taurus, signifying the unified forces of darkness against the coming prince Moses as seen in the Sun, Mars and Venus all in Cancer, protecting the flocks, or twelve tribes of Israel. This occultation of Regulus is one of a number of parallels we will notice with the signs surrounding the Birth of Christ in 3-2 BC.

32. 7-24-1535 BC. The Sun, Mars and Mercury are all in Leo showing the unity of the archangels with the Daystar, the forces of light unified in the Lion of the tribe of Judah. This is some foreshadowing of the birth of Moses which parallels the dates of Christ’s birth 1532 years earlier. This is fitting considering Moses as the forerunner of Christ in so many ways. This is supported with Venus in Cancer showing the protection of the bright and Morning Star over the twelve tribes of Israel. In opposition, we see the forces of darkness moving in the lunar occultation of Jupiter and the star Tejat Posterior in Gemini.

33. 7-28-1535 BC. There is another lunar occultation of Regulus in July of this year, reminding us of the series of Regulus occultations that took place in 3-2 BC. The remaining celestial bodies are still in the same place as the previous sign.

34. 8-6-1535 BC. Mars and Regulus are in Conjunction in Leo, showing Michael in unity with the King Star, the heart of the Lion of the tribe of Judah. Mercury, & the Sun are also in Leo, showing the unity of the archangels with the Daystar & the King Star in Leo. With Venus in Cancer and Jupiter in Gemini, we have a complete departure from Saturn, which is isolated and alone between the Bull’s Horns in judgment, in Taurus. This isolation is a direct response not only to the enemy’s false claims of kingship throughout these signs, but also the recent Regulus occultations which mirror the Regulus occultation series in 3-2 BC. 

35. 8-25-1535 BC. There is a Massing of the planets Venus, Mercury and Mars in Leo, while the Sun is “clothing Virgo” during its annual 20-day period in late August and September. A thin crescent Moon crowns Regulus, which appears to foreshadow Jupiter’s crowning of Regulus in 3-2 BC marking the Birth of Christ. Jupiter remains in Gemini during this sign.

36. 9-13-1535 BC. While the Sun is still “clothing Virgo,” Mercury joins closely to Spica/Al Zemach, the Star of the Promised seed and offspring of God, which reflects the 4D ministry of Christ, mirrored in Moses’ ministry. Meanwhile with Venus already present in Leo, Mars approaches the star Zavijava, meaning the gloriously beautiful. We should also note that these combined signs in Virgo & Leo constitute a Sphinx sign, which links to the Celestial Sphinx signs we see at the Birth of Christ. This provides more evidence that the Great Sphinx was designed at least in one sense as a monumental oracle of Christ’s birth, preserving the start and finish of the zodiac in the head of the woman Virgo, and the body of the Leo the Lion. 

37. 9-27-1535 BC. Mars and Venus are in Virgo, at the stars Porrima and Zavijava respectively. During this time the Sun, Moon and Mercury triangulate on the star Zuben El Genubi in Libra, signifying the price which is deficient. This is the price that could not be paid by the blood of bull’s and goats in the OT.  This is the priceless sacrifice that could only be paid by the innocent blood of the lamb of God, whose Passover sacrifice was instituted by Moses according to the instructions of the Heavenly Father, and fulfilled in the ministry of Christ. This is a fitting conclusion to these signs surrounding the birth of Moses, the forerunner of Christ.

Lunar Activity Chart 1536-1536 BC

Date BC
 Constellation  Star Occulted  Moon/Planet     Conjunction
1-11-1536    Sagittarius  Venus   Moon   
3-17-1536  Taurus   Aldebaran #1  Moon  Aries Planetary Massing
5-11-1536  Taurus  Aldebaran #2  Moon  Taurus Planetary Alignment
6-25-1536    Gemini   Waset  Venus   Jupiter-Saturn 1
 7-4-1536   Taurus   Aldebaran #3  Moon   
7-11-1536  Leo  Annular Solar Eclipse   Moon  Jupiter-Saturn 2
7-12-1536  Leo  Regulus  Moon  
11-11-1536    Capricorn  Mars/Deneb Al Geidi  Moon  
12-6-1536    Sagittarius  Lunar Eclipse   Moon  
1-4-1535    Capricorn  Lunar Eclipse/Nashira & Deneb Al Geidi   Moon  Jupiter-Saturn 3
2-8-1535  Taurus   Aldebaran #4  Moon  
3-7-1535    Taurus  Aldebaran #5  Moon Jupiter-Saturn-Venus 
4-4-1535  Taurus  Aldebaran #6  Moon






 Aldebaran #7

Aldebaran #8



Taurus Planetary Massing

Mercury-Mars in Gemini

6-25-1535 BC Taurus Aldebaran #9/Saturn Moon 
7-1-1535 BC  Leo Regulus Moon 
7-24-1535 BC Gemini Jupiter/Tejat Moon 
7-28-1535 BC Leo Regulus Moon 

  The Lunar Activity Chart above is intended to show the detailed lunar movements during 1536-1535 BC. We should take notice of the following:

• The systematic occultations of Aldebaran, the Bull’s Eye in Taurus
• The Total lunar eclipses and occultations associated with the primary planetary conjunctions of Jupiter-Saturn in Taurus during this period.
• The occultations of Regulus in Leo, which foreshadow the series of lunar Regulus signs during 3-2 BC. 

  These signs help us see the spiritual conflict as it is depicted in the celestial scrolls


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