Welcome To Advanced Studies!

wonderous designThe Try-God web-site is designed as a study aid to students, amateur and professional astronomers, and especially Christian Believers with an interest in what the Scriptures have to say about Astronomy in general, along with a number of related topics of interest.  Some of these topics include Intelligent Design, Science and the Bible.

God tells us that He has given the sun, moon, stars and the entire celestial order which He designed, to Glorify Him.  It is our goal to share some of these wondrous gifts from God with those who may be unaware of these treasures of the sky, or for those who simply want to know more. We welcome all who desire to share in the Creator's wealth in this category and the related areas of study that appear on our site.

This field of research may be new to some, but the principles that guide this research have been around for quite a while. This area requires an interdisciplinary approach to research, including input from Archaeology, geodesy, mathematics, Archaeo-Astronomy, Geography, Biblical Astronomy, architecture, geometry and anthropology. By viewing existing archaeological and astro-archaeological evidence in the light of the truths of Biblical Astronomy, new light can be shed on existing archaeological finds. The reader will notice many examples of archaeological evidence referenced in our Try-God Timeline from ancient Egypt, like the Dendera zodiac, that are not readily apparent from existing historical or archaeological perspectives alone.

So, if you'd like to really 'sink your teeth' into some of the meat of God's Word relating to these subjects, click here for a banquet that will satisfy the most voracious of appetites.  (Material is being added and updated on a continual basis).  So Enjoy !!!